The Hermiston Bulldogs followed their strong starts with a dominant Day 2 to win dual team titles at the Columbia River Conference track and field championships.

After winning six event titles on the first day of competition, the Bulldogs hoarded another 17 on Thursday at Kennison Field while increasing their total number of state berths to 34.

The Bulldogs girls were especially dominant in racking up 126.5 points, nearly twice that of second-place Hood River Valley. Led by Female Field Athlete of the Year Ebony Wilson and Female Track Athlete of the Year Scout Reagan, the Bulldogs won 12 event championships and earned 19 state entries.

“Our girls, from the second last year ended at the state meet, our eyes were instantly focused on this year and the power that our girls would have going into districts and state,” said Bulldogs head coach Emilee Strot. “I knew that was a possibility that we were just going to be a powerhouse here in Hermiston, and since the season started we were. We’ve had just a solid group of girls, just be stellar all season. And they’ve still just been coming on really strong.”

The boys had a closer battle on their hands, but sent enough athletes to the podium to hold off Hood River 108-95.

Seniors Tyler Rohrman and Alexis Mercado shared Male Track Athlete of the Year honors, and each had a hand in four of the team’s 11 titles. Senior Elias Arenas was Male Field Athlete of the Year.

“I knew it was going to be closer on the boys side today,” Strot said. “I told my whole team, ‘Hey, today’s going to be a dogfight, good thing we’re Bulldogs.’ And that made them smile and laugh, lighten up and little bit.

“I tell the kids every point matters, and so to just go out and compete, because if you’re placing three, four, five, those points add up. And that’s really what won us the meet today, especially on the boys’ side.”

The meet got a late start due to weather and heavy gusts continued throughout the evening. Reagan, who won the 100- and 200-meters while also running legs for both champion relay teams, said the wind was an issue.

“Going against the wind you’re coming around the corner and it’s just like it completely wants to stop you, and to fight against it is such a big waste of energy,” she said following the 4x400 relay team’s win in a time of 4 minutes, 13.03 seconds.

She leaned past Wilson for the 100 win in 12.41 with a strong tailwind, and was a step ahead of teammate Elsa Torres to win the 200 in 26.34.

“All year round our girls have been super strong. Without a doubt the best team I’ve had,” she said. “Our state team is going to be better than ever I think. We’re going to go out there to take it.”

Wilson added a triple jump title to her haul on Thursday, and also ran for both relays. She had already claimed the long jump gold on Wednesday. Madison Wilson took both hurdles races for the Bulldogs, and Audrey Lincoln finished second in the 300 hurdles while also winning the 400 in close race with teammate Elsa Torres. Stephanie Miears and Madelyn Juul added lots of points in the throwing events and finished 1-2 in the discus and shot put. Juul won the discus with a throw of 105-0.5 and Miears earned her first state berth with a winning 37-9 in shot put that tied her personal best.

“That was the ultimate goal,” Miears said of state. “Last year I didn’t make it so this year I was pushing myself to get there. I was two inches off, so I pushed myself.”

Juul said she’s hoping for big things when the Bulldogs get to the OSAA championships next week in Eugene.

“We came into this knowing that this sets us up for the state meet, and we have goals there too. So this is where it started,” she said.

The Bulldogs boys will be poised to bring back some state hardware was well, and Rohrman and Mercado both won four district titles on Thursday.

Like the girls, both Hermiston relays won their races and Rohrman and Mercado were on each of those teams. Rohrman added individual titles in 110 and 300 hurdles, and Mercado picked up his in the 200 and 400.

The teammates’ seasons may be finishing in similar places, but Mercado said it wasn’t long ago he wasn’t sure he would make it back to another state meet after qualifying in the 200 as a junior.

“I started the season going in with some mental blocks and doubts, because the first couple events of the year everyone came in running these great times and I was running worse times than I ran since I got into high school,” he said.

He said self-applied pressure was his problem, and it took a few coaches to remind him that he was supposed to be having fun to finally snap him out of it.

“I came in last week at one of our last meets and decided I’m just going to have fun. And I ran like two PRs,” he said. “I’m going to go out and give it everything I’ve got (at state). It doesn’t really matter where I place, I just want to do the best that I can do. As many PRs before I go off to college.”

There weren’t a lot of PRs on the track Thursday due to the windy conditions, but Rohrman said times were much less important than placings.

“We’ve been waiting all year to break out. Today wasn’t the best day to do it, but the big thing is get to state, go crazy at state. We executed that, we’re happy,” he said.

Pendleton’s state contingent was much smaller after the Buckaroos finished fourth in team points. The Bucks won two event titles and earned five state berths.

Senior Kiara Glover was the only Buckaroo to win an event on Thursday, and will be competing in her third state meet after a winning high jump of 5-2. She was also second in triple jump, and third in both the long jump and 100 hurdles. With ice bags strapped to the front and back of her legs, she needed help going up and down the medal podium so many times.

“It’s my first time doing four events in one meet,” she said. “This meet I just had no idea, so getting first in high jump, that felt pretty nice.”

She only made one attempt in the triple jump finals when she tweaked an ankle, her distance was more than enough to get her into state for the first time in that event.

“I was just doing something to power up my legs, and then I jumped up and I landed and I twisted my ankle,” she said. “Always going injured to state.”

Soren Wolf de Gavia also earned a state berth on Thursday placing second in the boys 400, and Hailey Kendrick had earned the Bucks’ other title on Wednesday in the girls’ pole vault.


The state meet will be held May 19-20 at University of Oregon’s Hayward Field in Eugene.


Thursday’s Finals

(Top two placers earn state berths)


100 meters — 1, Owen Ramsey, Hood River, 11.30; 2, Hunter Klein, Hood River, 11.42; 3, Vaemu Ena, Hermiston, 11.51; 4, Colin Rickman, Pendleton, 11.70; 5, Jonathan Hinkle, Hermiston, 11.78.

200 meters — 1, Alexis Mercado, Hermiston, 22.93; 2, Gabriel Campos-Davis, Hood River, 23.11; 3, Owen Ramsey, Hood River, 23.12; 4, Soren Wolf de Gavia, Pendleton, 23.64; 5, Felix Garcia, Hermiston, 24.02.

400 meters — 1, Alexis Mercado, Hermiston, 53.23; 2, Soren Wolf de Gavia, Pendleton, 53.45; 3, Gabriel Campos-Davis, Hood River, 53.61; 4, Grant Meyers, Hood River, 53.98; 5, Michael Jones, Hood River, 55.53.

800 meters — 1, Isaac Sanchez, Hermiston, 2:01.50; 2, Travis Running, Hood River, 2:04.07; 3, Braxton Wilson, Hood River, 2:05.69; 4, Michael Lantz, The Dalles, 2:09.85; 5, Jeff Kovach, Pendleton, 2:11.56.

1,500 meters — 1, Jesse Wiley, Hood River, 4:24.72; 2, Isaac Sanchez, Hermiston, 4:25.66; 3, Jacob Bromham, Hood River, 4:32.99; 4, Angel Benites Vera, Hermiston, 4:38.46; 5, Luke McLean, The Dalles, 4:39.66.

110 hurdles — 1, Tyler Tohrman, Hermiston, 15.01; 2, Justin Conklin, The Dalles, 15.51; 3, Lane Maher, Pendleton, 16.34; 4, Erik Siekkinen, Hood River, 17.18; 5, Glenn Breckterfield, The Dalles, 17.47.

300 hurdles — 1, Tyler Rohrman, Hermiston, 41.81; 2, Robby Running, Hood River, 41.83; 3, Lane Maher, Pendleton, 43.33; 4, Jose Rodriguez, Hermiston, 43.52; 5, Glenn Breckterfield, The Dalles, 44.58.

4x100 relay — 1, Hermiston (Guitierrez, Ena, Rohrman, Mercado), 44.88; 2, Hood River (Ramsey, Klein, Estes, Campos-Davis), 45.37; 3, Pendleton (Anderson, Jennings, Rickman, Wolf de Gavia), 46.47; 4, The Dalles (Nisbet, Scott, Sanchez, Twidwell), 47.51.

4x400 relay — 1, Hermiston (Rohrman, Garcia, Sanchez, Mercado), 3:30.48; 2, Hood River (Ramsey, Klaas, Running, Campos-Davis), 3:35.92; 3, The Dalles (Burns, Breckterfield, Bonham, Scott), 3:42.31; 4, Pendleton (McDonald, Cary, Maher, Henderson), 3:59.32.

Javelin — 1, Cameron Perez, The Dalles, 165-4; 2, Julian Hernandez, The Dalles, 157-8; 3, Chad Klaas, Hood River, 153-4; 4, Elias Arenas, Hermiston, 150-5; 5, Joey Guitierrez, Hermiston, 147-8.

Pole Vault — 1, Chad Klaas, Hood River, 12-6; 2, Dylan Chambers, 12-0; 3, Carson Wrathall, Hermiston, 11-6; 4, Syler Rimbach, Pendleton, 10-6; T5, Steven Preston, 9-6, The Dalles; T5, Glenn Breckterfield, The Dalles, 9-6.

Triple Jump — 1, Jonah Tactay, Hood River, 42-7.75; 2, Hiram Maciel, Hermiston, 41-5.25; 3, Vaemu Ena, Hermiston, 40-5.5; 4, Josh Nisbet, The Dalles, 39-5; 5, Guiomar Garay, Hermiston, 38-7.


100 meters — 1, Scout Reagan, Hermiston, 12.41; 2, Ebony Wilson, Hermiston, 12.46; 3, Yahaira Chavarria, Hood River, 12.93; 4, Ashlyn Cason, Hermiston, 13.07; 5, Macy LeGore, Pendleton, 13.31.

200 meters — 1, Scout Reagan, Hermiston, 26.34; 2, Elsa Torres, Hermiston, 27.08; 3, Audrey Marble, Hood River, 27.20; 4, Yahaira Chavarria, Hood River, 27.66; 5, Ashlyn Cason, Hermiston, 28.50.

400 meters — 1, Audrey Lincoln, Hermiston, 1:02.99; 2, Elsa Torres, Hermiston, 1:03.49; 3, Audrey Marble, Hood River, 1:03.93; 4, Elisabeth House, Pendleton, 1:04.24; 5, Jenna Miller, The Dalles, 1:04.48.

800 meters — 1, Reed Bauer, Hood River, 2:27.45; 2, Emma Mullins, The Dalles, 2:32.25; 3, Molly Nelson, The Dalles, 2:34.09; 4, Melany Solorio, Hermiston, 2:35.48; 5, Heidi Fuentes, Hermiston, 2:40.78.

1,500 meters — 1, Tressa Wood, The Dalles, 5:22.35; 2, Lottie Bromham, Hood River, 5:22.54; T3, Celia Acosta, Hood River, 5:23.42; T3, Melany Solorio, Hermiston, 5:23.42; 5, Shelia Solorio, Hermiston, 5:35.32.

100 hurdles — 1, Madison Wilson, Hermiston, 15.49; 2, Katie Kennedy, Hood River, 16.14; 3, Kiara Glover, Pendleton, 16.30; 4, Jaiden Lemberger, Pendleton, 17.19; 5, Jennifer Fuentes, Hermiston, 17.40.

300 hurdles — 1, Madison Wilson, Hermiston, 47.82; 2, Audrey Lincoln, Hermiston, 48.68; 3, Jennifer Fuentes, Hermiston, 51.43; 4, Abby Kinoshita, Hood River, 52.57; 5, Jaiden Lemberger, Pendleton, 52.87.

4x100 relay — 1, Hermiston (Wilson, Reagan, Lincoln, Torres), 49.28; 2, Hood River (Chavarria, Kennedy, Curtis, Marble), 52.22; 3, Pendleton (Schreier, LeGore, Lemberger, House), 54.06; 4, The Dalles (Klindt, Taylor, Van Kessel-Ervin, Hattenhauer), 56.02.

4x400 relay — 1, Hermiston (Torres, Wilson, Reagan, Lincoln), 4:13.03; 2, The Dalles (Cady, Tapia, Miller, Mullins), 4:32.74.

Shot put — 1, Stephanie Miears, Hermiston, 37-9; 2, Madelyn Juul, Hermiston, 36-1.25; 3, Mercy Iaulualo, The Dalles, 34-4.5; 4, Hannah Thompson, Hermiston, 33-9.5; 5, Ann Marie Goodman, Hood River, 31-9.25.

Discus — 1, Madelyn Juul, Hermiston, 105-0.5; 2, Stephanie Miears, Hermiston, 100-8.5; 3, Mercy Iaulualo, The Dalles, 95-5.5; 4, Ann Marie Goodman, Hood River, 92-9.5; 5, Kim Rodriguez, Hermiston, 92-5.75.

High Jump — 1, Kiara Glover, Pendleton, 5-2; 2, Katie Kennedy, Hood River, 5-0; 3, Jaiden Lemberger, Pendleton, 4-8; 4, Barrett Ihde, Hood River, 4-8; 5, Madison Wilson, Hermiston, 4-8.

Triple Jump — 1, Ebony Wilson, Hermiston, 36-1.5; 2, Kiara Glover, Pendleton, 34-7.5; 3, Kayla Seibel, The Dalles, 32-3.25; 4, Abby Kinoshita, Hood River, 31-11.75; 5, Mckayla Pacheco, Hermiston, 30-1.75.

Team Points


1, Hermiston 108; 2, Hood River 95; 3, The Dalles 32; 4, Pendleton 25.


1, Hermiston 126.5; 2, Hood River 64.5; 3, The Dalles 36; 4, Pendleton 33.

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