Twenty-two bracket champions were crowned after two days of heated 3-on-3 basketball at Hermiston’s Takin’ It To The Streets tournament held downtown over the weekend.

The Stanfield-based Grogans & Co. came back to avenge its only loss of the tournament in the Men’s Open championship.

Taking on an Oldies team that had beaten them 20-11 in the second round of bracketed play, Grogans & Co. forced a winner-take-all showdown by winning 20-14 to hand Oldies its first loss.

After a short break the teams went at it again, with Grogans & Co. holding on for the 20-18 win.

The team called KSA won the women’s bracket 17-15 over Bing Bong, and in the Co-Ed championship it was Rim Jobs taking a 20-12 victory over Wyant.

The event, which is a fundraiser for Hermiston basketball, attracted 166 teams this year.


Takin’ It To The Streets


July 15-16, 2017

Championship games

Men’s Open

Grogans & Co. 20, Oldies 18


Rim Jobs 20, Wyant 12


KSA 17, Bing Bong 15

Men’s Rec

Too Much Sauce 20, Drive Home Safe 14

6U Competitive

Purosho 15, Eazy duz it 13

Men’s 6U Rec #1

Ross Brandt Electric 19, U-Town Ballers 15

Men’s 6U Rec #2

Dab daddy’s 15, mbex 13

12th Grade Boys

The ballerzz 20, Dream Team 8

11/12th Grade Girls

Steagles 19, Quad Squad 12

11th Grade Boys

Paco’s Court 20, BBJC 18

10th Grade Boys

Skeeterz 15, “u started the super team bro” 0

9th Grade Boys

Kennewick Rebels 20, Tune Squad 18

9th Grade Girls

Got Em 20, Native Storm 6

8th Grade Boys

Purosho 14, WW Blues 13

7/8th Grade Girls

Watch Me Work 9, Hermiston Storm 8

7th Grade Boys

Buck3ts 10, Brawlers 7

6th Grade Boys

509 Insanity 15, Straight ballin 7

6th Grade Girls

Swire Coca Cola 16, Hoopdawgs 7

5th Grade Girls

Medelez Inc 13, Prosser Elite 9

4/5th Grade Boys

Splash Bros 12, HogRiderz 8

4th Grade Girls

Lower Valley Ladies 13, Kick’n Some Asphalt 8

3rd Grade Boys

WarriorBoyz 9, Hoop Maña 6

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