Elias Velasco scored the first goal on Kennison Field and the Hermiston Bulldogs opened their season with a 6-0 non-conference win over Umatilla on Saturday.

The senior midfielder wasn’t done yet and was joined by teammate John Mejia in finding the back of the net twice. Edwin Rosales and Freddy Rodriguez also added goals as the Umatilla Vikings (0-1) spent most of the match on defense.

“They were looking for the counter, so they really just kind of let it come in numbers all throughout the game,”?said Hermiston coach Rich Harshberger. “They were able to get a few nice counter attacks that our defense did a really nice job turning away.”

Goal keeper Alexis Garcilazo was only forced to make four saves.

In girls action: The Hermiston Bulldog girls got a little bit of a surprise from a talented Class 4A La Grande squad Tuesday.

Head coach Danielle MacBride said she wasn’t expecting a pushover, but may have overlooked the Tigers in advance of their non-conference game.

“They moved the ball better than most teams we’ll see this season,”?she said after Hermiston (1-1) absorbed its first loss of the season. “They were very good. It was rough because we stayed with them for about 20 minutes, but after they scored we kind of went into a slump.” MacBride said the game was a good litmus test for her team after it opened with a 1-0 win over Class 3A Umatilla Saturday.

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