Each time out on the mat is a learning experience for the Hermiston girls wrestling team.

Wednesday, the Bulldogs hosted five other Mid-Columbia Conference teams in a mixer, where each girl got anywhere between one and four matches depending on the number of competitors in their weight class.

Hermiston’s Jazmin Deike won both of her matches at 190 pounds, beating Chiawana’s Lizzeth Jauregui 13-3, then pinning Chiawana’s Rachel Castaneda in 3 minutes.

“I have won a few matches,” said Deike, who is in her first year of wrestling. “If I win, it is by good luck.”

Or by using her training — all four weeks of it.

Against Castaneda, Deike trailed 5-1 in the second round, and Castaneda had her cradled and on her back. Deike was able to break her grasp, maneuver a reversal, and get a quick pin.

“I just made sure to get my leg out,” Deike said. “I knew if I got to my belly I had a fighting chance. This is really physically demanding. You have to want it and give it all you’ve got. It’s super fun.”

Deike’s reward for a good day on the mat?

“I’m going to go home and eat a fat burrito,” she said. “I’m 10 pounds under weight.”

Other big wins for Hermiston came from Laly Morin, who earned an 11-6 decision over Adriana Bonner of Richland at 155 pounds, and Sally Wooster, who pinned Kamiakin’s Addison Fountain in 5:53 after taking a 6-0 lead in the third round.

“I saw a lot of fight,” Hermiston coach Andy Hall said. “Andrea Hernandez (115) fought really hard, and Jazmin went 2-0. She did as good as always. Our middleweights are battling for positions.”

Other Hermiston wrestlers did not have as good a night.

Pasco’s Cassandra De La Mora pinned Schae Borrego in the second round at 145, and Kamiakin’s Sarah Hamilton pinned Amree Braithwaite in 50 seconds at 145.

“From here, we go back and teach what we do,” Hall said. “Once is not enough.”

Hermiston returns to action Dec. 21 at the Columbia-Burbank Invite.

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