There are many who, when discussing the correct pace of a putt, say, "Never up, never in." And, while this ordinary truth is, to many, a great truth, I consider it no more insightful than the observation that a ball putted past the cup didn't fall either.

Forgotten too is that the farther beyond the hole a putt rolls, the more certain it never had a chance.

Too often, I've heard a well-wishing player instruct, "OK, partner, no matter what, at least get it to the hole." What follows is usually pitiful at best.

Instead of being single-minded about what's required to hole the putt, the advice taker is now consumed with not committing the cardinal sin of leaving an important putt short.

Both the die and lag philosophy can be taken to too great an extreme. The plight of the die putter is irksome, though he may three-putt only rarely. The ram-the-ball home type putter will drop some unbelievable, across-the-green bombs, but watching him perform is hard on the nerves.

There are some good putters who characteristically jam the ball into the back of the cup, and others who simply snug it up softly. But, it's not in obedience to a certain philosophy that determines how hard the good putter putts the ball. Instead, it comes down to how each individual's mind imagines a ball finding the hole.

Thus, I don't believe anybody should adhere to a firmness philosophy, as this is time spent away from dealing with the task at hand.

I suggest you examine your own putting, chart all your putts and see where you consistently err.

Bobby Steiner will be conducting a two-day clinic at Echo Hills Golf Club in Echo on August 27th and 28th.

To attend, call Jeff Edmundson at 541-571-7136

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