Hermiston, Heppner and Ione were all well-represented on the Dairy Farmers of Oregon/OSAA Spring Academic All-State lists, released by the OSAA.

For most athletics and activities, categories are split up by classification, with the exception of speech, and by the sport itself, so boys’ track teams compete against other boys’ track teams, as an example.

Hermiston’s band had the highest average cumulative grade point average in Class 5A with a 3.79.

The girls’ track team placed second in 5A with a 3.73 GPA while the softball team was fourth with a 3.65. Hermiston’s choir also placed fourth in its division with a 3.50.

The boys’ tennis team tied for fifth with Pendleton with a 3.59 GPA and the girls’ tennis was all alone in fifth with a 3.75.

The boys’ golf team from Hermiston placed sixth with a 3.56 while the Heppner/Ione team won its division with a 3.92.

The Heppner/Ione baseball team earned a second-place spot on the 2A/1A list with a 3.51 and the softball team placed fifth (3.52).

Ione’s boys’ track and field team tied for the best GPA in Class 1A with North Clackamas Christian, each with a 3.68 average.

Ione’s speech team also won its division, which ended up being every classification but 6A. They had a 3.86 GPA, while Hermiston’s team finished 10th in the division with a 3.54.

The complete lists, along with explanations and background on the Academic All-State program, can be found at www.osaa.org.

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