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UMATILLA COUNTY — Veterinarian and other animal welfare professionals have noticed an uptick in feline panleukopenia in Umatilla County. As they warn the public about this disease that kills cats, especially young kittens, they also spreading the word on how they can help prevent it.

Amanda White fills out intake paperwork for Beetlejuice on Friday, Oct. 29, 2021, at the Pendleton Animal Welfare Shelter in Pendleton. While …

Beetlejuice sits on an exam table Friday, Oct. 29, 2021, at the Pendleton Animal Welfare Shelter, Pendleton.

Described as a peaceful event that bears witness to beliefs in the sanctity of life, Deanna Leonard said the annual Life Chain is Sunday, Oct.…

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An outbreak of an insect-spread disease has killed at least eight deer in Baker Valley in less than a week, and a state wildlife biologist fears this outbreak could be much worse than previous episodes.

CORVALLIS — Names of students who have made the scholastic Honor Roll for spring 2021 have been announced by Oregon State University. A total of 7,255 earned a B-plus (3.5) or better to make the listing. To be on the Honor Roll, students must carry at least 12 graded hours of course work.

CORVALLIS — More than 7,000 students representing all 36 of Oregon’s counties, all 50 states and 73 countries have earned degrees as part of Oregon State University’s Class of 2021.