High temp: 63 degrees

Low temp: 33 degrees

Average temp: 49 degrees

Record High: 83 degrees, Oct. 26, 1953

Record Low: 6 degrees, Oct. 30, 1935

Total precipitation: 0.25 inches

Month to date: 1.36 inches

Year to date: 8.69 inches

Star gazing tips for the week of Wednesday, Nov. 3 through Tuesday, Nov. 9:

Forecasts call for cloudy skies again this week. Wednesday night or early next week's evenings might be the best times to look up.

One can see the planet Saturn in the eastern sky before dawn. It will rest to the lower left of the new crescent moon.

A flattened "W" or "M" will pass through the view of the Milky Way. Look high in the northeastern sky to see the five brightest stars of Cassiopeia, the queen.

Early next week, the constellation Capricornus will appear in the southwestern sky. Its brightest stars form a wide triangle, and it will rest at due south at nightfall.

Did you know?:

In Greek mythology, Queen Cassiopeia is the wife of Cepheus. Her arrogance and vain brought about the wrath of the sea god Poseidon, when he flooded the kingdom of Ethiopia.

Data from:

www.wunderground.com, www.stardate.org, www.weather.msn.com, www.noaa.gov


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