High temp: 39 degrees

Low temp: -8 degrees

Average temp: 20 degrees

Record High: 73 degrees, Nov. 22, 1974

Record Low: -11 degrees, Nov. 23, 1985

Total precipitation: 0.53 inches

Month to date: 1.31 inches

Year to date: 10.02 inches

Star gazing tips for the week of Wednesday, Dec. 1, through Tuesday, Dec. 7:

All month long, the constellation Sculptor will be visible in the southern and southwestern skies. It appears faintly as a four-star, low-lying hook curved to the right and down to the horizon.

Early Friday morning will bring Venus into view to the left of and above the moon in the eastern sky. The planet shines about 10 times brighter than any other pinpoint of light in the night sky at this time.

The planet Saturn and the star Spica will shine above Venus and the moon in clear winter skies, which are not forecasted to appear until early next week.

Did you know?: Nicolas Louis de Lacaille, an 18th-century French astronomer, discovered and originally named Sculptor "Apparatus Sculptoris," or "the sculptor's studio." He is credited with naming thousands of celestial objects.

Data from:

www.wunderground.com, www.stardate.org, www.intellicast.com


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