Tuesday, October 29

6:35 a.m.— Police received a report of a burglary on Southwest Martin Court.

10:19 a.m.— All four traffic lights at the intersection near Grainery Square were green at the same time, someone called to report. They said that this almost caused an accident.

1:44 p.m.— A man who owns property on East Dogwood Avenue complained that people were dropping their garbage off in his dumpsters. He’d like to place signs up in the area to keep this from happening.

5:55 p.m.— On Prickly Pear Drive , a domestic disturbance occurred.

11:26 p.m.— The Hermiston Police department responded to two suicidal subject calls throughout the day.

Wednesday, October 30

11:57 a.m.— Someone reported that a dog on East Tamarack Avenue that is always escaping from its yard and has been chasing him around. The man expressed concern for nearby children and cats.

3:19 p.m.— A burglary was reported on South Highway 395.

Thursday, October 31

11:24 a.m.— Someone reported that a white Chevy has been parked on West Yucca Avenue for the past four months.

12:42 p.m.— A man driving a tan colored sedan with no hood reportedly stole two coffee drinks and some jerky on North First Street.

1:00 p.m.— Someone asked the police to check on the welfare of a dog chained in the backyard of a house near Hodge Park. They reported that the dog has no food, shelter or clean water.

5:45 p.m.— A domestic disturbance was reported on Southeast Sixth Avenue.

Friday, November 1

8:37 a.m.— A juvenile runaway was reported.

1:56 p.m.— A woman reported that she invested money in Bitcoin but was defrauded, her bank account drained.

1:59 p.m.— On North First Street and West Harper Road, a man lying in the middle of the road posed a traffic hazard for drivers.

2:59 p.m.— On West Beech Avenue, some people are reported living in travel trailers on the block and have multiple cars with no license plates.

5:04 p.m.— An assault was reported on East Ridgeway Avenue.

8:00 p.m.— A domestic disturbance was reported on Southwest 11th Street.

Saturday, November 2

5:48 p.m.— Police investigated reports of a drunk driver but were unable to locate one.

Sunday, November 3

9:21 a.m.— A domestic disturbance was reported on Northeast Gladys Drive.

8:37 p.m.— Several juveniles were fighting in a parking lot on North First Street. Police issued a warning.

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