November 18

• A caller reported his wife stole his cell phone and won’t give it back to him.

• A Harley Swain employee reported a male urinating in their parking lot.

• An alert driver reported a Jeep had run over some bushes and trees, causing damage.

• A wallet was reported missing by a Hermiston resident.

• A caller reported a taxi hit a child on a bicycle.

• An older man — without pants on — was reportedly riding a scooter down Tamarack Avenue. Caller said the man was “wearing a jacket and has a blanket over his legs.”

• A Hermiston man wanted to file charges against his stepfather for assaulting him.

• An IJ Gems employee wanted to speak with an officer regarding a unsatisfied patron that “was going to stand outside and tell people to not come into the store.”

• A Hermiston man called to ask an officer what his options were if his wife tossed his clothes on the street tomorrow. She hadn’t done it yet, the caller said, but they have been having problems lately.

• A caller reported a potential drunk driver on an electric scooter near McDonalds.

• Heller and Sons reported they have a theft captured on video tape and wanted officers to see it.

• A Ridgeway Avenue resident called to report a strong smell of natural gas, and they don’t have it.

• A Hermiston women asked for an officer because her 15-year-old son is “being mean to her and is always mad at her.”

• A potential drunk driver was reported along Baxter Road. Caller said the driver of a 1992 Chevrolet Blazer drove through a neighbor’s field.

• An assault outside Midway Tavern was reported.

• “Guy in parking lot acting weird” stated a caller. The reporting person thought the person in question might be dealing drugs.

November 19

• An alert citizen called and said they saw a man with a gas can and siphoning hose in the area of East Reeder Drive and Northeast Sixth Street.

• Caller reported his wife was nearly bitten by a black dog that chased them into the park.

• A driver along Interstate 84 said there were two cars “that seem to be playing cat and mouse.”

• A-1 Industrial Hose and Supply reported someone tried to steal one of their blue pickups.

• Fireworks were mistaken for gunshots by a caller.

• A black SUV was parked in a handicapped spot without a handicapped plaque in the windshield at Hermiston Cinema 8.

• A noise complaint was filed in an apartment complex along Hermiston Avenue.

November 20

• Caller said her son might be having a diabetic “episode” and was unable to get him back on the phone. She requested a welfare check.

• A trespasser was reported at Safeway.

• A Stanfield resident called and stated “someone hit me in the side of the head while I was trying to clear something out of my RV.” Caller said he right eye was swollen and really hurt, but wasn’t sure who hit her.

• A caller reported a potential drunk driver at the intersection of West Highland Avenue and Southwest 11th Street.

• A father called to report telephonic harassment on his daughter’s phone.

• A possible drug overdose was reported at the Juniper Buttercreek Apartments.

• A Hermiston resident called about a constantly barking dog in the neighborhood. Caller said he husband went to talk with the dog owner, but the owner “got mouthy and said he didn’t want to bring the dog in.” Caller didn’t want officer contact, but wanted the dog to be quieted.

• Two subjects were lingering a little too long outside of the Pheasant Cafe and Lounge, and employees notified authorities.

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