• A Southwest 11th Street resident reported her boyfriend was beat up by a large group of kids, possibly as many as 20. According to the report the man was knocked down three times. The boyfriend, according to police, did not want to file charges.

• Three horses were reported loose on Punkin Center Road.

• A Bridge Road resident called police to report someone had poured sugar into his gas tank.

• A West Highland Avenue resident reported finding a wallet in his yard.

• A Quick Road man reported four unknown men assaulted him near McKenzie Park.

• An East Hurlburt Avenue woman reported three men running through back yards and jumping over fences. Two of the men were reportedly wearing all black, and one was wearing a white t-shirt.

• Weston Tyler Kestner, 40, was arrested when he went to the police station to check on the status of a warrant for his arrest.

MAY 10

• A Hermiston city employee reported someone broke a window at the city sewer plant.

• Paul Thomas Cazares, 19, and Tyler James Sanders, 18, were arrested following a report of a fight at McKenzie Park.

• Kimberly Mansfield and Rebecca Griffin turned themselves in on separate failure to appear warrants. Both were cited and released.

• Teens, unhappy with the Taco Bell drive-through, mooned employees and drove off.

• Dakota Michael Myers, 19, was arrested after an altercation at McKenzie Park. Myers was charged with assault IV and carrying a concealed weapon.

• After reading a recent newspaper article, a concerned father reported he believed his son might be involved in recent car break-ins. The father’s suspicions were aroused when his son attempted to sell him a car stereo over the phone.

• A caller from Umatilla reported his brother tried to choke him.

• People “spinning cookies,” at Riverfront Park were reported by a concerned citizen.

• David Lee Richardson, 20, was arrested after knocking over a mailbox on East Ridgeway Avenue.

• Umatilla residents reported that their father broke into their house and attacked them.

• An Ione man reported to the Morrow County Sheriff’s Office that he, and possibly his entire neighborhood, was relieved that one of their neighbors had moved away. The man reported that the neighbor in question may have thrown rocks at his house before he left for Kansas.

MAY 11

• A Southwest 11th Street resident called for a welfare check on her neighbor after her dog began barking, “which is unusual.”

• Kids smoking at the skate park were reported.

• A young child, approximately 2, was reported running down East Beech Street unsupervised.

• A Hale’s Tavern employee reported juveniles breaking into cars in the parking lot.


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