MAY 19

• A West Beebe Avenue woman called police to report someone was trying to get into her house just after midnight.

• Three laptop computers reported stolen from Desert View Elementary School.

• Hermiston police released a Desert View student to his/her parents following an incident involving a controlled substance at the elementary school.

• Feliciano Soto Mendoza turned herself in on a Umatilla County Sheriff's Office warrant.

• A United Farmworkers union representative called police to find out if it was legal for someone to carry a gun at work.

• A Southwest Sage Drive woman called police to report a neighbor accused her of selling drugs.

• A concerned mother called police to report her child was assaulted at Desert View Elementary. The woman said the perpetrator was suspended from school, but she also wanted to press charges.

• A landlord called police to report a tenant she suspected of smoking marijuana.

• A father took his children to the Hermiston Police station and asked to have an officer speak with the pair because “they have 'sticky' fingers.”

• Taylor Horton, 18, was arrested for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana after police initiated contact at McKenzie Park.

• Raymond Tyler Castleton, 18, and two other teens were arrested for disorderly conduct II after a witness reported one of the three waving a gun while walking near Highland Hills Elementary School.

MAY 20

• An East Highland Avenue resident reported a “large brown cow” in the parking lot of Sandstone Middle School.

• Gotta Stop fuel station reported a customer drove away without paying for $10 in fuel.

• A woman called police to report a nasty note left on her car at the Home Depot parking lot. According to the woman, the note “has cuss words and referenced her parking” skills.

• Western Express fuel station reported $10 in stolen gas.

• A 12-year-old student was detained for possession of drug paraphernalia and less than an ounce of marijuana at Sandstone Middle School.

• Two teen girls were arrested for criminal trespass and possession of marijuana.

• A woman called police to report she heard the world was going to end, and wanted to know if that was true.

MAY 21

• The world did not end.

• A North Townsend Road resident reported she just got out of jail, and her house had been broken into.

• A woman reported another woman called her work four times and tried to get her fired.

• A Hermiston Stadium 8 employee called police to report someone was video recording a movie.

• A Southwest 11th Street woman reported someone spread what appeared to be human fecal waste in her parking spot. The woman told police she was upset because she “stepped in it.”

• A woman called to report her daughter was intoxicated and threatening to shoot her brother if he returned.

MAY 22

• An East Hurlburt woman called police to report she found a marijuana plant in her son's bedroom. The 15-year-old was detained for manufacturing marijuana.

• A woman called police to report that she threatened her boyfriend with a knife and then stole his cell phone. She advised police she was walking to Last Chance Tavern and they could arrest her if they wanted. She may have changed her mind as police were unable locate the woman.

• A man called from Viewcrest Apartments to report his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend had punched him in the nose, broke his cell phone and was waiting for him in his apartment.

• Two reports of gasoline theft on Southeast Crestline Drive. The thefts involved siphoning fuel from parked cars.

• A Southwest 13th Avenue woman reported her car stereo stolen.

• An Oxford Suites employee reported a patron's vehicle had been broken into.

• Southwest 11th Street residents reported their patio furniture had been stolen.

• A father called police to report one of his sons stole his other son's bike. The father wanted to press charges.

• Katherine Jo Capehart, 32, was arrested for probation violation and possession of meth at Butter Creek Apartments following a tip from an alert citizen who recognized Capehart as one of Umatilla County's Most Wanted.


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