• A resident of East Sunset Drive reported a dog had jumped the fence and gotten into his garbage.

• A Umatilla woman reported her husband had “taken leave of his mind.”

• A caller reported graffiti in one of the bathroom stalls at Midway Tavern.

• A resident of S.W. 11th Street called to report another woman spit on her and she wanted to file charges.

• A resident of North Wayne Street in Stanfield reported he received threats on Facebook and through text messages on his cell phone.

• A resident of West Ridgeway Avenue called to report she left a wallet with $200 in cash and credit cards at the Washboard Laundry in Hermiston.


• Someone drilled a hole in a Hermiston man’s gasoline tank at a West Division Avenue residence.

• A resident of S.E. View Circle reported her debit card was used in Illinois and her bank refunded the money.

• A resident of N.W. 11th Street called to report an adult female had called her 16-year-old son.

• Three suspicious men were reported pan-handling by the Dumpster near McDonalds in Hermiston.

• A Hermiston resident reported a dead dog on the side of the road on S.W. 11th Street.

• A patient threatened a doctor’s life at Good Shepherd Medical Center.

• An Irrigon resident reported a man was down on the side of the road by the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

• A man called to report his 88-year-old father’s license was suspended but he had driven to Shari’s Restaurant for breakfast.

• A caller reported someone may have run into a powerbox and had torn the cover, leaving wire exposed.  

• A resident of N.W. 11th Street called to report she came home to find someone had broken into her house.

• A caller reported a deer ran in front of the vehicle and then ran off near the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

• A caller reported four men were “hollering” on the corner of East Jennie Avenue and N.E. Sixth Street.

• A resident of S.W. Sixth Street called to report she was being filmed by another woman on East Main Street.

• A resident of Joy Lane called to report there was a man in her dining room and he left when she let her dogs out of the house.


• A resident of S.W. Seventh Street called to report someone took off the bumper of her vehicle near Wal-Mart.

• A caller at Auto Zone in Hermiston reported a theft at the store.

• A resident of S.W. 15th Street called to report her ex-boyfriend was being verbally abusive and she was afraid it was going to get “physical.”

• A resident of West Division Avenue called to report someone had stolen approximately 20 gallons of gasoline.

• A caller reported her father was assaulting her mother with a belt at the East Newport Avenue residence.

• Two teenagers were fighting at the light pole on the corner of S.W. Ninth Street and West Orchard Avenue.

• A vehicle collided with a sign near a dental office on Hermiston Avenue.

• A pit bull was reported running at large in the neighborhood on Second Street in Umatilla.

• An caller in Irrigon reported a man at his home possibly was “doped up” on drugs.

• A resident of N.W. 11th Street reported her son was out of control and was screaming and yelling at her.

• Black calves that have not been branded were missing from a North Ott Road residence.

• A caller reported a man threatened to burn down a trailer on N.W. Geer Road.

• A resident of East Hooker Road called to report she found a letter, possibly written by a teenager, in her mail box.

• A resident of N.E. 10th Street called to report her debit card has been used for “unauthorized purchases” through PayPal.


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