• Someone cut an electrical cord at an East Beech Avenue residence.

• A man reported there were some "drunks" at his East Sunset Avenue home and they were breaking stuff.

• Someone broke into a man's vehicle on Cedar Drive.

• A resident of West Orchard Avenue was burglarized after someone left the residence unlocked.

• A Mongoose mountain bike, black and hot pink, was taken from a residence on N.W. 12th Place.

• A man told his ex-girlfriend it would be "better off if he killed" her because then he could have their child to himself.

• A woman with a hatchet was trying to break into an East Main Street residence through a side window.

• "I suspect my wife is smoking marijuana in front of my child," reported a resident of West Pine Street.

• Boulders were reported in the roadway on Highway 730.

• Someone broke into and took items from a N.W. 11th Street residence.


• An assault was reported by a woman staying at the Desert River Inn in Umatilla.

• Someone prone to seizures was stung by a bee.

• Two females were detained for stealing numerous items from Bealls.

• An iPod was stolen during an event at the Hermiston Conference Center.

• A woman witnessed a man who threw a cellphone at a woman and left a mark.

• A 6-year-old child filled the gas tank of a go-cart with dirt.

• A woman reported a dog was dead after she had run over the animal on East Jennie Avenue.

• Three juveniles were seen throwing rocks at each other and at cars outside of Midway Tavern.

• A man would not let his wife into a West Orchard residence.

• Someone "egged" an East Highland Avenue residence.

• A woman reported a family member saw an individual with a gun in the back yard of an East Beech Avenue residence.

• A Hermiston woman reported someone shot at her daughter's boyfriend on East Beech Avenue.


• A Hermiston woman reported she had a dead battery on the side of the road at S.E. Seventh Street.

• Eggs were reportedly thrown at vehicles on 10th Street and Highland Avenue.

• A Hermiston woman's ex-boyfriend was being persistent about getting back together. The man slammed the door when she told him to leave and kicked the woman's daughter's car.

• A homeless man was sitting in the bathroom of the Shell station with his pants down and the door open.

• A Umatilla resident reported a man was causing a disturbance and had harassed her daughter.

• Sixty CDs were stolen from a vehicle parked on East Montana Avenue residence.

• Someone reported a fire on West Beebe Avenue residence.

• A resident of West Johns Avenue reported her husband's wallet was stolen. The wallet contained social security and bank cards and a driver's license.

• Someone reported it looked like there had been a fire within the last couple days behind Good Shepherd Medical Center.

• Screaming was heard in the background of a phone call.

• A caller was chasing a stolen van on East Diagonal Boulevard.

• Vehicles were egged on East Hurlburt Avenue.

• "Someone stole my brother-in-law's van," reported a caller at Theater Sports Park.

• A 16-month-old girl was playing was playing with the phone.


• Wal-Mart reported two males with computers and TVs left the store without paying for the items.

• A man with a white stocking cap was looking into vehicles, reported a resident of S.W. 11th Street.

• Individuals were trying to herd cows that were loose in the road.

• The Hermiston Parks Department reported graffiti in the men's restroom at Newport Park.

• Someone reported a guy was "dealing drugs" in front of apartments on East Dogwood Avenue.

• Someone stole a vehicle license plate from a resident of S.W. 11th Street.

• A delivery truck crashed into a parked vehicle in the parking lot of Office Max.

• Someone threw eggs and bananas at a man's vehicle near his S.E. Seventh Street residence.

• A woman's "ex" stole a gun safe from the former couple's residence.

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