• Someone reported a dog in the median on Interstate 84.

• Someone stole a purse containing a social security card and approximately $200 in cash.

• A two-vehicle wreck was reported near Chuckwagon Cafe. Vehicles were blocking two southbound lanes on North Highway 395.

• Two males threw firecrackers under a vehicle at Newport Park.

• Someone stole a BMX bicycle valued at $250 from a South Main Street resident.

• A man reported two males were chasing another on East Main Street.

• Sprinkler heads and yard lights were smashed on N.W. Ninth Street.


• A Hermiston man's vehicle was stolen with his keys and wallet inside.

• A Toyota Tundra was stolen from an Alora Drive residence.

• A man was laying along the side of Interstate 82 with a backpack and waving his arms and yelling for help.

• Someone reported a small sagebrush fire on the corner of N.W. 11th Street and West Hermiston Avenue.

• A woman reported her vehicle stolen from East Punkin Center Road.

• A man was reported throwing rocks at cars and "knocking stuff over" on West Hermiston Avenue.

• Someone asked for "drugs" at the emergency room entrance to Good Shepherd Medical Center.

• A resident said someone broke into his vehicle on Montana Avenue.

• A man was throwing rocks at the Hermiston Armory building and was filling the ash tray with rocks.

• Someone was detained for shoplifting at Fiesta Foods, and after paying a fine, stole something else before leaving the store.

• Someone broke a light fixture at McKenzie Park.

• A man was staggering in the middle of Highway 395 toward Stanfield.

• A female fled a vehicle during a traffic stop on East Elm Avenue.


• A man pointed a laser light at drivers passing by on S.W. Ninth Place.

• A man fighting with his wife threatened to break her neck.

• Someone stole a handful of roses from a Hermiston apartment.

• A naked child was running around unsupervised on S.W. Ninth.

• At least two vehicles were punctured by a knife on Quince Avenue.

• A West Hermiston Avenue resident reported a stolen vehicle.

• Driveway lights were stolen from a West Donna Avenue residence.

• The Hermiston Parks Department reported someone drew graffiti inside and outside of bathrooms at Victory Square Park.

• Paraphernalia was "stashed" in the front yard area at the Hermiston Police station.

• Graffiti was found on a fence at Blue Mountain Apartments on West Ridgeway Avenue.

• A woman found her daughter intoxicated on drugs and neglecting her baby at a West Hartley Avenue residence.

• A 32-year-old man jumped off the Umatilla River Bridge.

• A fire was reported in an open field behind N.W. Eucalyptus Drive.

• A 14-year-old girl was "out of control" and was punching holes in the walls of a Hermiston residence.

• A man attempted to get an 11-year-old girl to come into his garage on N.E. Alora Drive. He was whistling and called to her while she was roller skating in the area.

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