• A resident of West Sunland Avenue reported her ex-boyfriend was texting her from Texas. An officer gave her the option to block her phone number.

• A woman requested police check her tires.

• A man was dancing by a taco wagon on S.W. 11th Street and was acting strange.

• Someone reported a power pole on fire and a brush fire three miles south of Interstate 84.

• Someone took a sign from the corner of S.E. Fifth Street and East McKenzie Avenue.

• A woman dropped stolen items from Cottage Flowers as she was leaving the North First Street business.

• Welding cables valued at approximately $400 were stolen from a Hermiston man’s work truck.

• “There’s a guy on the street, looks like he’s drugged up,” reported a caller.

• Two people stole beer from 11th Street Market. The store reported there was video footage of the theft.


• Drug paraphernalia was found in a Hermiston boy’s room. His mother wanted officers to come pick it up.

• A vehicle parked in neutral in the Wal-Mart parking lot rolled in to a store employee’s vehicle.

• Someone reported his neighbors were trying to get their dogs to bite residents on N.W. Third Street.

• Kids were playing on the phone.

• “My mom came home and her house was trashed,” reported a Stanfield woman. The television was broken and “everything was on the floor.”

• A resident of N.E. Fourth Street reported he could smell gas coming from a building.

• Two teenagers were acting suspicious at Sunset Park.

• A caller reported a gas leak at Quail Ridge Apartments. Hermiston Fire and Emergency Services were already on scene.

• Someone abandoned a puppy in a box outside Wal-Mart. Someone decided to take the puppy home before police arrived.

• Two women were fighting outside homes on N.W. Third Street.

• A caller at Tower Apartments wanted to know why the train was blowing its horn for the past 10 minutes. A new valve on the engine was found to be the cause.

• Someone in Pennsylvania is using a Hermiston woman’s social security number. The woman requested her options on what she could do.

• Someone keyed a vehicle during the Hermiston High School graduation.

• A man advised the men’s restroom at McKenzie Park was a “bio-hazard.”


• A woman was lying face down for 30 minutes, reported a resident of N.E. Willow Court.

• A Hermiston woman said her ex-boyfriend threatened to have her arrested for making a terrorist threat.

• Items were missing from a N.W. 11th Street residence after a guest stayed over night.

• Someone tried to siphon gas from a vehicle on East Gladys Avenue for the second time.

• Someone hit a woman’s vehicle while she was inside a business on West Hermiston Avenue.

• A couple kids between ages 3 and 5 came to the door asking for donations to Girls Scouts. They weren’t in Girl Scout uniforms and did not have a parent with them.

• A resident of S.W. Sandy Drive found a BB shot in her dog’s leg. The caller went outside and found her neighbors shooting toward her yard with BB guns.

• Someone reported a grass fire on Interstate 82 at the Westland Road exit near the Umatilla Chemical Depot.

• A Hermiston woman reported a young man was “snooping” on his landlord’s property.

• At Butte Park, a couple were yelling at one another and it started to get physical. “It looks like he’s going to hit her,” reported a caller.

• “There’s a crazy guy getting into his girlfriend’s face,” a caller reported at Butte Park.

• Someone took a cell phone from a woman on Lloyd Road.

• Minors were passing a marijuana joint back and forth inside a vehicle on Highway 395.

• A child was heard playing on the phone.

• Two small dogs were reported at-large.

• “Gunfire” was heard between Diagonal and 10th Street.

• A purse was lost at Wal-Mart and returned without $150 cash. Credit cards inside the woman’s wallet had been rearranged.


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