• O So Kleen reported fence was cut and fuel taken from the East Diagonal Boulevard business.

• Someone stole a $300 purse from the shopping cart of a Hermiston resident at Wildhorse Resort and Casino in Pendleton.

• Someone cut the lock and broke in to a building near Midway Tavern and stole several items.

• A woman reported her parents were kicking her out and she wanted 30 days notice.

• A woman had $200 stolen while she was working at Taco Bell.

• An intoxicated man reportedly told a woman to pray to her Rosary as he was getting in to his Chevy pickup to leave Last Chance Tavern. The woman said he hit her car’s passenger side door when he opened the door to his pickup.

• Pilot Rock Police Department reported "dealing with a Karly's Law situation" and said the suspect likely lives in Hermiston. Karly's Law mandates children in Oregon who show signs of possible child abuse must receive medical attention within 48 hours.

• Someone stole a bicycle rack worth $350 from a resident of N.W. 11th Street.

• Residents of N.W. Dusk Drive were being "creeped out” by a guy who was sitting on the sidewalk in front of their house.

• After a Hermiston woman evicted two tenants, she said they threatened her with a rifle and told her they were going to burn down the residence.


• Three women attempted to use a counterfeit $50 bill at Lance Chance Tavern.

• Someone requested Oregon State Police for a report of goats on Highway 207.

• Someone stole a cellphone from Hermiston High School. Using a tracking service, the caller said the phone could likely be at a residence on Joy Lane.

• A hay stack was reported on fire at Oregon Trail Road in Echo.

• A resident of West Ridgeway Avenue reported her neighbor said he was going to punch her.


• Someone from 11th Street Market reported a man was acting "strangely" and was looking in to the windows of the business.

• A vehicle collided with a cow on Walls Road.

• A Washington Qwest card was found at Hermiston Stadium on Theater Lane. The caller said there were "suspicious circumstances" as to the possible owner of the card.

• Someone inside of a vehicle was making "gang or shooting signs" while passing motorists on West Elm Avenue.

• A caller reported she and another person could not get out of Riverfront Park because the gate was locked. The woman said the gate was open when she came to the park.

• "There is a guy being drug off the road by two other guys. I don't know if he's drunk or what," said a caller on Highway 730.

• A caller from O So Kleen said someone was likely trying to disconnect a security camera at the business.


• Someone reported a prowler had been in the yard at an East Ball Avenue residence in Stanfield.

• A survival knife was found inside a boy's backpack. The caller said the boy told her the knife was allowed at school.  

• An Echo resident said he was harassed by a former employee while at work at Good Shepherd Medical Center.

• Someone took a leather wallet with a scorpion embroidered on the front from a vehicle parked at Obie's Hoagies Express.

• Three young males were reported playing with toy guns at Sunset Park.

• A Caterpillar skid loader, along with other equipment, was stolen from the construction site of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on S.E. Ninth Street.

• Kids in the neighborhood were reported vandalizing and "stealing things" on S.W. Ninth Street.

• Someone tried to return a bicycle at Wal-Mart who hadn't paid for the item.

• People were were smoking marijuana in a vehicle heading onto Highway 395. A child was also seen inside the vehicle not secured in a seat.

• "Someone took ornamental rocks from our yard and threw them in to the road," reported an East Ridgeway Avenue resident.

• Someone took a Smith & Wesson from an unlocked vehicle at a S.W. 13th Place residence.

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