• A man was missing from a locked facility on West Orchard Avenue.

• Someone stole an orange "side-by-side" RTV, damaged the front side of a business and headed south on Highway 395.

• A man in his "late 20s or early 30s" stopped to ask if a 12-year-old girl needed a ride. The man asked her age, address, phone number and whether she had a boyfriend.

• An African gray parrot flew away from Echo. The bird answers to "Ash" and has a large vocabulary.

• Someone turned in a box of hypodermic needles and dope baggies inside.

• A group of kids were throwing "stuff" at residences and cars on N.E. Seventh Street.

• A steering wheel was stolen from a vehicle of a woman while she was at work.

• A Boardman woman reported her mom choked her and pulled her hair.

• A woman left Wal-Mart with merchandise without paying for the items.  


• Someone found a purse in the middle of the roadway on West Hartley Avenue.

• Someone stole a Chevy pickup belonging to a resident of West Hermiston Avenue.

• A woman reported her "soon-to-be" ex-husband took her vehicle and keys and refused to return them.

• Two men were sleeping underneath a tree in the yard of an East Sunset drive residence.

• A resident of S.E. 10th Court reported she needed assistance in a motor vehicle accident. The woman reported a cleaning truck had "clipped" her vehicle and estimated $900 in damage.

• "Someone is texting me and I feel like they are harassing me," a resident of West Locust Avenue reported.

• Three juveniles were reportedly suspicious and at least one was cited and released to a parent.

• "Someone is trying to break into my home," a Umatilla caller said.

• Someone was playing on the phone at Wal-Mart.

• Work equipment, including a roto-hammer and a generator, were stolen from the parking lot at Home Depot.

• Two vehicles were reported drag racing on East Elm Avenue in Hermiston.

• Someone attacked a 6-year-old boy, a man in Umatilla reported.

• A lot of "hollering" was heard at Buttercreek Mobile Park.


• Someone tried to break in to a residence on North Fifth Street.

• A manager reported $1,200 stolen from Shari's Restaurant.

• Mail was pulled from mailboxes along North Highway 395, a caller reported.

• Debris were reported in the intersection of S.E. Fourth Street and South Highway 395.

• Rent money, a social security card and a wallet were stolen from the parking lot at Wal-Mart. The caller reported the theft likely occurred while she was putting her groceries inside her vehicle.

• A woman reported people were doing drugs at the Greyhound stop at the Pilot station.

• A caller reported a driver of a vehicle was "ripping and roaring" through town.

• Several girls were seen "tagging" a fence on S.W. Ninth Street with spray paint.

• A purse and cellphone were reported stolen from a doctor's office on N.W. 11th Street.

• A driver reported a fire near milepost 182 on Interstate 84.

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