• A Hermiston police officer reported someone shot fireworks at his vehicle while on patrol.

• Police arrested Richard Donald Johnson, 26, on a parole violation warrant at Good Shepherd Medical Center after hospital staff reported Johnson was “visiting/waiting for someone who is in surgery.”

• A Hermiston man reported a man passed out on the bathroom floor at Hodge Park.

• A Cherry Avenue resident reported his shed was broken into and two of his fishing poles were stolen.

• A Stanfield woman reported the driver of a semi-truck failed to properly signal a turn and nearly hit the woman's car when she passed the truck. The woman identified the semi as “red.”

• An East Highland Avenue man reported a vehicle break-in. Someone absconded with roughly $240 in electronic equipment.

• Hermiston Community Health Center reported a man in his fifties was having a bad reaction to “some kind of hispanic medicine.”

• A Hermiston man called police to ask if he was legally obligated to carry a spare tire.



• A Hermiston man reported, “There's a guy slumped over in his vehicle on the side of the road. He's been there for 30 minutes now.”

• A Hermiston man advised police he repossessed a vehicle from his son.

• A West Standard Avenue man called police to report his “ex-girlfriend barged into the house,” pushing the man out of the way. “She is now arguing with another female,” the former beau reported, stating all weapons in the house were locked in a safe.

• A lawn-mower fire was reported. Twice.

• A Umatilla woman called police to report her son hit her husband and then ran.

• A woman called police to report her boyfriend hit her in the head, took her money and ran off.



• “(My) Ex-boyfriend is trying to bust in my door right now,” a Umatilla woman reported.

• “Need an officer at Crossroads right away,” a woman reported. The woman's daughter apparently went to stay with her father, but the man had other ideas, as the woman stated. “He's now refusing to return her if I don't come back into his life. He's down here screaming and yelling at me.”

• A Hermiston man returned home, only to discover a welding kit in his yard.

• A woman called police to request help getting her belongings from her mother's home. She stated she was afraid of being hit by her mom.

• A man reported someone stalking his sister.

• A woman on Southwest 11th Street reported she believes people are seeing into her house by climbing her neighbor's maple tree.



• A man wearing only boxer shorts and white sneakers jumped out of his car and eluded a state trooper on foot during a routine traffic stop.

• A West Highland Avenue woman reported someone keeps sneaking into her home and stealing jewelry.

• After an observant woman took down the license plate of a vehicle she believed was following her, she called police. Leobardo Hernandez, 23, was arrested and charged with stalking. 

• A Umatilla resident reported a home break-in. Among the items stolen were an Xbox, a big-screen television and the home security system.

• Gene R. Ball, 25, was arrested for shoplifting at Fiesta Foods.

• Northeast Alora Drive residents reported a group of boys wearing masks were trick-or-treating.


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