November 7

• An EZ Storage employee reported someone jumped their fence during the night and “left an empty bottle and pair of ladies underwear on the ground.”

• A motor vehicle accident was reported in which a water truck hit the side of someone’s van.

• An illegal burn along Highway 395 was called in to dispatch.

• A concerned citizen asked police for extra patrols along Ridgeway Avenue. She almost hit a small child who was outside playing and worried because they were unattended.

• A 19-year-old was “causing problems at the house” his father reported. Caller said the son was violating his probation and “making a mess of the backyard and the inside of the home.”

• A male subject ran into the Circle K and told employees to call police. Two men in costumes chased him into the store from the Walmart parking lot. Caller advised police the incognito ruffians were no longer in the area.

• A report of a man who stole two 40-ounce bottles of beer from Safeway came into dispatch. Caller said the subject was running through Hodge Park.

• “Two huge burn piles as big as a house,” were reported along Minnehaha Road. Caller said someone was out with the piles but it looked “out of control.”

• A caller reported $101.29 worth of credit card fraud.

• A driver reported someone “threw a Bud Light beer can out the window” at him and flipped him off along Hurlburt Avenue.

• Police received a call from Office Max regarding a package that a customer was trying to ship, but it had a “very distinct odor of marijuana.” Estaban Parada Nava was arrested when police checked the package.

• An Echo caller reported three large goats were “running up and down the main road in Echo.” The call was referred to another agency.

• A caller contacted police about someone egging their car.

November 8

• Someone hit a deer along Powerline Road.

• A Circle C employee called to report thefts of a 4-wheeler, oxygen tanks, acetylene bottles and other items.

• A stolen fuel card led to $32,000 in charges for a Milton-Freewater business, and the caller reporting the fraud said the card has been used at the PGG in Hermiston.

• A transient was in the Safeway restroom and wouldn’t leave. When an interpreter was brought in and asked the man to leave, he started calling people names.

• A Stockman’s Steakhouse employee called to report suspicious activity outside the restaurant. There was a group of subjects “hanging out in the trees.”

• A male caller on Highway 207 called to report his “wife punched me in the face and is now leaving.” Dispatch noted they could hear the tires squealing in the background.

• A car and a truck were reported to be racing up and down the street at the intersection of Northeast 11th Street and East Main Street in Hermiston. Caller said one vehicle knocked over a trash can.


November 9

• A Newport Avenue resident called dispatch to request a number to call for UFO sightings.

• A female caller reported someone has disabled her Jeep and she was unable to go to work.

• A caller reported she had hit a deer on Highway 730 five miles from McNary.

• An iPod was stolen from the Hermiston High School locker room.

• A female caller reported she sent a package to her son, but the father doesn’t want the son to have it and won’t give it to him.

• A fed-up citizen went into the police station to complain about the high school students ignoring pedestrian traffic control signals.

• Walmart reported a male subject was harassing customers as they came through the grocery doors.

Cristine Luzette Mendoza, 38, 98 W. June Ave. #4, Hermiston: Assault IV (domestic), Harassment (domestic).
Charles Brian Barker, 39, 1020 N.E. McNary St., Hermiston: SPP warrant.
Peter Villarreal, 55, Transient: Criminal trespass II (Nov. 7), criminal tresspass I, theft III (Nov. 8).
Michael Ricardo King, 44, 425 N. First St. #26, Hermiston: HCC warrant (x2).
Estaban Parada Nava, 18, 870 W. Quince Ave., Hermiston: Unlawful possession of marijuana.
Jesse Layne Roberts, 23, 435 W. Wood Ave., Stanfield: HCC warrant.
Rudolph Castillo, 55, 165 El Monte, Umatilla: Criminal trespass II (Nov. 8), Criminal trespass II (Nov. 9).
Daniel Alexander Walling, 24, 955 W. Hermiston Ave., Hermiston: Rape I, Kidnap I, Assault IV.
Mauricio Garcia Rosales, 20, 603 Pomona Drive, Umatilla: Failure to carry/present driver’s license.
Isauro Santos Hernandez, 23, 1805 N. 21st Ave., Pasco, Wash.: DUII.
Macario Daniel Ibarra, 29, 1073 Tutuilla Road, Pendleton: Disorderly Conduct II.

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