• A chainsaw, two gas cans and an air compressor were reported stolen from a pickup when it was parked at Wal-Mart in Hermiston.

• The owner of the Lunch Lady, 415 W. Hermiston Ave.,  reported that someone stole the business' freezer and all of its contents.

• A Hermiston man went to the police station to report that his bank account had been "compromised" in California. His bank advised him to file a report.

• A call from the Umatilla County Sheriff's Department advised that a bus had just pulled into a parking lot in Hermiston and the right rear tire had flames showing underneath.

• A representative of the Umatilla School District reported that a teacher didn't show up for work on Thursday, and it was "highly unusual" for her.

• A Hermiston woman reported that her brother had stolen her car and wanted it reported as stolen. She later admitted she had loaned him the car earlier in the day.

• A vehicle with a small child without a car seat was reported leaving West Park Elementary School.

• A Hermiston resident reported receiving harassing phone calls. Darrel Allen Foley was arrested and charged with harassment.

• An employee of the Way Inn Motel in Hermiston reported a guest damaging a room and leaving without paying for it. The motel did have the guest's credit card on file.

• Two "high schoolers" were reported behind the 7-Eleven in Hermiston "snorting something up their nose."

• A Hermiston woman reported being "almost knocked down" by a big black dog on N.W. Prickly Pear Drive.

• A 911 call advised that the wheel had fallen off of a truck on E. Punkin Center Road, and the subjects "just left it there."

• A caller reported a male on a bench inside the Wal-Mart grocery who was requesting an ambulance because the left side of his body was going numb.

• A "big cow in the road" was reported on Bensel Road.

• An Alexandria man reported that after purchasing gas with a credit card in Hermiston, numerous charges were made to his card.

• A woman reported her vehicle smoking, but no flames.

• A man went to the police station asking to speak to an officer about his 17-year-old daughter and her boyfriend. He believes the boyfriend is assaulting his daughter.

• A woman notified police that her husband, a "paranoid schizophrenic," was threatening to do harm to himself.

• A West Orchard apartment resident reported his neighbor was screaming obscenities through the walls and his children could hear.

• A West Oak Avenue resident called to report that when her mother arrived at her home, all the televisions were gone.

• A West Hermiston Avenue resident called to say her bedroom is on fire. The caller was advised to leave the residence; she refused.

• A man passed out at the wheel of his pickup was reported in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

• Two drinks were apparently enough to cause a patron at a local drinking establishment to collapse, "and his eyes keep rolling in the back of his head."

• Employees of a local drug store reported a male walking out of the store with approximately $100 to $200 worth of merchandise without paying.

• A man called police to notify them that his girlfriend, against whom he has a restraining order, pulled a knife on him. He took the knife away and threw it outside. Cristine Luzette Mendoza was arrested and charged with domestic menacing and violation of a release agreement.


• A caller advised that someone was in her driveway "messing" with her vehicle. The woman noted that two weeks ago, someone loosened the lugnuts on her husband's vehicle.

• A woman reported a man sleeping in a dumpster on North Highway 395.  When approached, he got out of the dumpster with a bag of items and began walking toward Umatilla.

• An East Dogwood Avenue resident reported "some guy banging on my door and he won't leave." James William Drake was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct II and criminal mischief III.

• Bedroom furniture was reported stolen from a N.E. 10th Street residence.

• A group of suspicious subjects were seen in an apartment complex parking lot with a set of keys they apparently found. They were trying the keys in various vehicles.

• What began as a visit from a boyfriend to pay a Hermiston woman for her share of a car the two bought together deteriorated when he refused to return the keys to her apartment.

• A male in a blue car was seen driving down E. Main Street and videotaping the scenery.

• A woman asked for assistance in helping her "get her stuff" from her brother's home.

• Extensive damage to a parked car as the result of a hit-and-run was reported on West McKenzie Avenue.

• Officers were notified that a runaway Umatilla teen was at a Hermiston residence.

• An employee of Crossroads Truck Stop found a plastic bag with crystal meth inside it in the business parking lot.

• A Umatilla property owner reported an evicted former tenant cut the wires on the furnace of the rental property.


• A number of vehicles on Browning Avenue and the surrounding streets in Hermiston were hit, some "plastered," with paintballs. At least one vehicle was damaged, and the paint hit at least one house.

• E-Z Mini Storage reported a storage unit was broken into and emptied.

• A Umatilla woman reported she gave an engine to a Hermiston resident because she was going to sell it to him. After deciding she did not want to sell him the engine, she asked what her options were to retrieve it.

• Walmart employees reported a female shoplifter in custody.

• A Hermiston resident reported an unfamiliar man pounding on the door screaming that someone owes him money.

• A bedroom window was smashed, a home broken into and a computer taken.


• Orchard Avenue residents reported people attending a dance at Mercado Los Gavilanes had parked in grass areas as well as in the parking lot at Foxwood Apartments, leaving area residents no where to park.

• A man reported three males "jumped him."

• Someone accidentally made a "pocket call" to 911 from a cell.

• A Hermiston resident reported someone tried to break into their residence through a window.

• A woman reported someone through a rock through a car window and stole her purse and its contents.

• Batteries and propane tanks were stolen off a camp trailer.

• A Hermiston man reported his house and a friend's vehicle were both egged.

• A Hermiston woman reported her boyfriend had broken the mirror in her bathroom and was "getting in my face."

• A man told police "the Mexican Mafia" was making him "sling dope."

• A Hermiston resident asked for police assistance because his guests were arguing and he wanted them to leave.

• A bunch of juveniles were reportedly running into the middle of the road and sitting down when cars approached on 11th Street.

• A Hermiston man reported someone with a gun outside his residence.

• Walmart reported a suspect on a bike left the store with concealed items.



Darrell Allen Foley, 44, 360 E. Dogwood Ave. #C, Hermiston: Harassment

Christine Luzette Mendoza, 38, 98 W. June Ave. #4, Hermiston: Menacing (domestic), violation of release agreement.

James William Drake, 25, 601 E. Ridgeway Ave., Hermiston: Disorderly conduct II< criminal mischief II

Ricardo Munoz, 30, 421 W. Buckley St., Echo: DUII (blood alcohol .21 percent)

Kelly Marie Rosas, 32, transient: Providing false information, theft III

David J Rushfeldt, 20: Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle

Florencio Garcia, 20, 515 S.W. 13th Place #A3, Hermiston: Assault IV (domestic), interfering with making a report, two Hermiston Municipal Court Warrants

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