• A N.W. Seventh Street resident in Hermiston complained that his neighbor's dogs had been barking for “over an hour.”

• A S.W. 17th Street man reported "someone trying to break into my truck and also attempted to siphon gas." The suspect was driving a blue pickup with a "bed full of junk." The caller also believed it was the same person who recently took some tools from his vehicle.

• A male and female fighting in the background were heard on a call to Hermiston Police. The department attempted to return the call, but got no answer.

• While a woman was calling to report "someone having hit a very large buck deer" in Stanfield, another car hit the same deer. 

• A caller from Stanfield advised police that she was calling for another woman, who was on the way to the residence where "her husband is out of control."

• An employee of a local business called to advise that someone had used their front entryway as a toilet.

• An anonymous caller reported a "homeless man in the parking lot asking people for money" at the Hermiston Walmart.

• Employees at a West Hermiston Avenue business reported a basset hound running at large.

• An East Tamarack Avenue resident reported "two juvenile boys laying sharp pieces of glass in the intersection." The boys then went into a house; the caller said she would be willing to point out the house.

• A N.W. Seventh Street resident advised that for the last two nights, she has "been able to smell what kind of smells like lighter fluid outside the house." The caller believed "someone is cooking meth or something," and asked that officers check the area to see if they recognize the smell.

• A 911 caller advised that "her uncle is drunk and driving again" near Punkin Center Road and Highway 395.

• Another caller advised that she was following a possible drunk driver who was "all over the road" and "almost hit parked cars." After an investigation, the accusations were deemed "unfounded" by HPD.

• A Mollala resident called to advise police that her niece had contacted her on Facebook to tell her she was taking codeine and drinking.

• A Hermiston woman called to advise that her husband was "off his meds."


• A Hermiston woman was forced to call from a neighbor's phone after her boyfriend allegedly broke her phone while she was trying to move out. The boyfriend also allegedly grabbed her wrist and hurt her, but she declined medical treatment.

• A Hermiston woman reported that someone "keeps calling and leaving threatening messages."

• Officers were asked by a 911 caller to investigate "a guy here throwing goatheads underneath the fence where the kids crawl at Butte Park. He's above the picnic area at the park."

• A man wearing a light-colored jacket with "slurred speech" was reported "carrying a beer around inside the store" at a Hermiston business.

• An East Main Street business reported an intoxicated female causing a disturbance.

• Attempted fuel theft was reported at a Hermiston apartment complex.

• A  N.E. Seventh Street resident reported that "dogs are out again and defecating on her lawn."


• Security at a local tavern called to inform police of a subject who "could barely walk," but refused to hand over his keys and was last seen heading south on Highway 395.

• Several juveniles "dressed in dark clothing" were reported walking around a construction site on S.E. Fourth Street.

• A Umatilla officer was flagged down and advised three males were urinating on the building at the Riverside Sports Bar and Lounge. One man was cited for urinating in public.

• A S.W. Debra Court resident reported that her neighbor's dog has been barking since 4 a.m. and has awakened her child twice.

• An employee of a local business reported "something going on in the alley behind City Hall. There's a bunch of 20-something age kids hanging out. A few of them have baseball bats and one possibly had a gun. There's 20-25 of them. They just seem to be waiting for something."

• A Hermiston woman went to the police station to report that her boyfriend's 18-year-old sister "punched me in the side of the head." She declined medical attention.

• Police were advised of a group of people in an alley near Main Street. One person was on the ground and it appeared the others were beating on him.

• A Hermiston woman asked for officers to tell her neighbors to "go away." They were "bugging her by standing outside."

• Police were advised of a possible fight outside a Hermiston fast-food restaurant, as there were "about 40" juveniles in the parking lot, kicking cars. Upon investigation, however, police found that there was no fight, but one apparently upset young man did trash his own car before giving his keys to a friend and leaving the area on foot.

• A Hermiston caller reported "yelling and screaming by neighbors," and "now they are harassing me."

• A Umatilla woman reported jewelry, shot glasses, CDs and a digital camera were stolen.


• An employee of Pheasant Cafe reported the "keys were in the front door when we locked up, now they are missing."

• From 11:09 to 11:40 a.m., numerous people reported a dispute between two neighbors on Highway 730 in Umatilla. The reporters described an ongoing issue about a dog that resulted in "yelling, screaming and making threats," and a request for an officer on scene.

• A Umatilla resident reported someone stole his stereo and attempted to hotwire the car.

• A Hermiston man reported he had been kicked out of his residence and told not to come back. He asked for an officer to tell the other residents to let him back in.

Antonio Fernandez, 20, 301 S.E. Baja Court, Boardman: Unlawful Use of a weapon (firearm), criminal mischief II, disorderly conduct II
Raphael Ladislaus Snowden, 40: DUII (blood alcohol .11 percent)
Christopher Lee Macias, 21, 98 W. June Ave. #3: Criminal trespass II
Wayne Bradley Schwabbrow, 36, 78539 Paul Smith Road, Boardman: Morrow County Warrant, Umatilla County Warrant, Irrigon Justice Center Warrant.Efren Castro Aguilar, 33, 645 N.E. Second St., Hermiston: Umatilla County Warrant
Donald Wayne Jones, 55, 1305 N. Townsend Road: Unlawful possession of meth
Peter Villarreal, 55, transient: Criminal trespass II
Ramon Resendiz Ramon, 24, 323 E. Jennie Ave: DUII (blood alcohol .1 percent), unlawful possession of meth, Irrigon Justice Court Warrant
Catherine Linn Scott, 51, 81232 Vetter Lane, Hermiston: Hit and run (property)
Edwin Alonso Jimenez, 32, 1030 S.W. 11th St. #50, Hermiston: Assault IV
Desiree Celeaste Trudeau, 33, Possession of meth, Irrigon Justice Court Warrant
Terry Lewis Botts, 40: DUII (blood alcohol .14 percent), Benton County warrant.
benjamin W. Smith, 58, 81213 E. Second St., Hermiston: DUII (blood alcohol .26 percent)
Travis D. Parkins, 39, Hermiston: DUII (blood alcohol .23 percent)

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