It seems only moments ago that I stood on a good friend’s deck and watched the New Year’s Eve fireworks from midnight’s first stroke. Now it’s almost time to watch them again and time to make resolutions for the new year as well.

In pondering this I can’t help but wonder if perhaps reflecting upon the past year’s accomplishments might be a good practice. Things such as goals realized, moments of recreation, sharing and helping. It could also be beneficial to reflect upon challenges overcome, maladies lived through and opportunities seized.

Some years ago during a workshop on developing one’s self-esteem, it was suggested to look over one’s calendar of the past year. In this way, one could be reminded of appointments met, special events experienced and milestones shared with others. I think sometimes we tend to think we arise in the morning of Jan. 1 and lie down the evening of Dec. 31, having passed the days in the “same old, same old” fashion. Our old calendars may help show us that not all of the year was one foot in front of the other and only the tick, tick, tick of one day at a time.

Looking at one’s checkbook register could also help one realize if monetary giving has been a part of their year. All of this is not to provide an opportunity to boast, but rather to reflect on how one has been provided with the means and the intent of such sharing.

Of course, looking back at one’s check register can also be a sobering task. Seeing proof of how one has chosen to spend one’s income can provoke the need for those resolutions for the coming year.

Yes, the calendar and the check register can be very enlightening as a bolster to one’s confidence and a tool for setting forth upon goals of improvement — definitely a worthwhile task as the year draws to a close.


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