PENDLETON — The following sentences have been imposed in Umatilla County courts:


•Anthony Len Haigh, 24, Stanfield, pleaded guilty to Driving While Suspended/Revoked: sentenced to 2 years probation, 120 hours community service, $2,000 fine and $1,000 fine-suspended, plus court costs and fees.


•Caleb Marion Beehler, 37, Hermiston, pleaded guilty to Violation of Wildlife :aw wit Culpable Mental state: sentenced to 180 days jail-suspended, 2 years probation, 80 hours community service, $2,000 fine-suspended and 3 years hunting license suspension, plus court costs and fees.

Suits Filed

PENDLETON — The following suits have been filed in Umatilla County courts (interest, court costs and fees not listed):

•Midland Funding LLC vs. Bartolo Gutierrez of Hermiston: seeks $10,466.90.

•Midland Funding LLC vs. Janis E. Laisner of Hermiston: seeks $1,773.75.

•Credits Inc. vs. Elsa Bedolla of Hermiston: seeks $585.20.

•Credits Inc. vs. Rebecca L. Dickmeier of Hermiston: seeks $4,256.82.

•Credits Inc. vs. Teresa Kitchener of Irrigon: seeks $921.81.

•Credits Inc. vs. Angel Darien Leyva of Hermiston: seeks $3,022.63.

•Credits Inc. vs. Patricia D. Ortega of Hermiston: seeks $517.97.

•Credits inc. vs. Taylor and Francisco Perez of Hermiston: seeks $1,411.54.

•Bank of America N.A. vs. Janet M. Doty of Hermiston: seeks $2,523.15.

•TD Bank N.A. vs. Kelley Hoskins of Hermiston: seeks $1,167.62.

•Synchrony Bank vs. Susan Perkins of Hermiston: seeks $3,872.48.

•Cavalry SPV I LLC vs. Tamara L. Chorey of Hermiston: seeks $1,922.61.

•Health Services Asset Management LLC vs. Fransisco Marquez: seeks $512.75.

•Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. vs. Nancy Camacho of Stanfield: seeks $226.70.


PENDLETON — The following judgments have been rendered in Umatilla County courts (interest, court costs and fees not listed):

•Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs. Morgan Barner: judgment for $3,183.11.

•Credits Inc. vs. Jacob Cunningham of Hermiston: judgment for $1,382.30.

•Credits Inc. vs. Neva W. Smith of Irrigon: judgment for $1,297.01.

•Credits Inc. vs. Carmelita M. Morrison of Boardman: judgment for $1,258.50.

•Credits Inc. vs. Martha E. Montes of Boardman: judgment for $1,658.27.


PENDLETON — Divorce decrees were signed in Umatilla County Courts for:

Meagan E. Lemmon of Stanfield and Benjamin M. Lemmon of Spokane.


PENDLETON — Marriage licenses have been registered in Umatilla County for:

Justin Douglas Sandlin, 37, and Kasi Lynn Vertrees, 40, both of Hermiston.

Jesse Cody Bergman, 36, and Kathleen Marie Bergman, 37, both of Umatilla.

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