PENDLETON — The following sentences have been imposed in Umatilla County courts:


•Justin Mann Pitzer, 22, Hermiston, pleaded guilty to Unlawful Use of Weapon: sentenced to 3 years probation, 180 sanction units, 90 maximum jail units, 100 hours community service, $200 fine and $2,184.04 restitution; pleaded guilty to Recklessly Endangering Another Person: sentenced to 180 days jail-suspended, 3 years probation and $100 fine, plus court costs and fees.


•Sergio Fuentes Lopez, 35, Umatilla, pleaded guilty to DUII: sentenced to 2 days jail, 178 days jail-suspended, 2 years probation, 80 hours community service, $1,255 fine, $2,000 fine-suspended and 1 year driver’s license suspension, plus court costs and fees.

Suits Filed

PENDLETON — The following suits have been filed in Umatilla County courts (interest, court costs and fees not listed):

•Credits Inc. vs. Sonia N. Salazar Sanchez of Irrigon: seeks $1,017.90.

•Credits Inc. vs. Jaime and Mayra Salazar of Hermiston: seeks $978.90.

•Discover Bank vs. Renee L. Garcia of Echo: seeks $3,890.16.

•Discover Bank vs. Laura A. Jones of Hermiston: seeks $3,304.37.

•Ray Klein Inc. dba Professional Credit Service vs. Gwyneth Franklin of Hermiston: seek s$840.84.

•Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs. Michele Free: seeks $884.17.

•Midland Funding LLC vs. Jason Epperson: seeks $5,506.81.

•Progressive Classic Insurance Company vs. Kennedy Paul Joseph: seeks $2,428.53.

•James D.B. Stallard vs. Ortencia Z. Flores: seeks $264,436.05.

•Synchrony Bank vs. Claribel Martinez Gonzal: seeks $4,739.70.


PENDLETON — The following judgments have been rendered in Umatilla County courts (interest, court costs and fees not listed):

•Capital One Bank vs. Michael D. Coleman of Hermiston: judgment for $1,814.86.

•Capital One Bank vs. Danny J. Nolan of Umatilla: judgment for $1,766.26.

•Capital One Bank vs. Amanda N. Ortega of Hermiston: judgment for $2,617.39.

•Midland Funding LLC vs. Dean Graves of Hermiston: judgment for $3,636.79.

•Contractors Bonding and Insurance Company vs. Lara Lea Arriola of Hermiston: judgment for $14,276.47.

•Evergreen Financial Services Inc. vs. Gloria Marie Agnew of Hermiston: judgment for $1,621.71.

•Midland Funding LLC vs. Jacqueline Miller of Hermiston: judgment $5,089.85.

•Evergreen Financial Services Inc. vs. Timothy Moothart of Hermiston: judgment for $3,289.80.

•Evergreen Financial Services Inc. vs. Steven and Lori Goucher of Hermiston: judgment for $1,407.03.

•Evergreen Financial Services Inc. vs. Ronald Morton of Hermiston: judgment for $397.77.

•United Finance Co. vs. Jose Sanchez of Pendleton: judgment for $3,876.31.

•Depositors Insurance Company vs. Ramon Espain: judgment for $5,235.84.


PENDLETON — Divorce decrees were signed in Umatilla County Courts for:

Jennifer Ann Hagle and Andrew Gene Lane of Hermiston.


PENDLETON — Marriage licenses have been registered in Umatilla County for:

Jason Robert Dale Dyer, 44, and Carla Ann James, 50, both of Hermiston.

Aaron Garza Jr., 20, and Nancy Morales Chavez, 25, both of Boardman.

Ysidro Manuel Rivera Jr., 26, and Paula Carmela Saenz Gonzalez, 25, both of Hermiston.

Lane Marty Shockman, 28, and Alicia Leannetta Wiser, 27, both of Stanfield.

Jason Christopher Jackson, 31, and Alistacia Kay Rose Anderson, 27, both of Umatilla.

Harold Le-Roy Larkin, 78, and Reesa Ann Leavitt, 78, both of Hermiston.

Matthew David Burnham, 29, and Ashtin Ann Huber, 21, both of Echo.

Paul Martinez, 34, and Tristin Le West, 37, both of Hermiston.

Miguel Angel Santiago Nieto, 23, and Elizabeth Sanchez-Valle, 24, both of Umatilla.

Dusty Gavin Guzman, 28, and Stephanie Lee Wetmore, 26, both of Stanfield.

J Refugio Cardenas Ramirez, 63, and Osires Del Rosario Bermudez de Marciales, 47, both of Hermiston.

Danny Ponce Angel, 25, and Hannah Lynn Barth, 22, both of Hermiston.

Cory Allen Doepker, 34, and Crystal Ann Pevy, 34, both of Hermiston.

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