PENDLETON — The following sentences have been imposed in Umatilla County courts:


•Ronald Raymond Epperson, 34, Hermiston, pleaded guilty to Failure to Perform Duties of Driver-property damage: sentenced to 30 days jail, $100 fine, restitution to be determined and 90 days driver’s license suspension, plus attorney fees.

•Manuel Montez, 35, Umatilla, pleaded guilty to Harassment: sentenced to 180 days jail-suspended and 2 years probation.

Suits Filed

PENDLETON — The following suits have been filed in Umatilla County courts (interest, court costs and fees not listed):

•OneMain Financial Group LLC vs. Ishmar K. Armstrong: seeks $6,705.79.

•Credits Inc. vs. Troy and Tasha Bleyenberg of Hermiston: seeks $560.22.

•Credits Inc. vs. Julia Munoz of Hermiston: seeks $4,613.54.

•Credits Inc. vs. Rachel H. and Casey Scott of Irrigon: seeks $1,512.22.

•Ray Klein Inc. dba Professional Credit Service vs. Michael A. Woolfolk: seeks $1,698.87.

•Credits Inc. vs. Teofilo C. Ruiz and Celina Gomez Ruiz of Hermiston: seeks $5,889.09.

•Credits Inc. vs. Sarah L. Williams-Dobbins and Anthony Dobbins of Hermiston: seeks $3,983.58.

•Credits Inc. vs. Tamie A. Norris of Hermiston: seeks $1,205.79.

•Credits Inc. vs. Natalia E. Rosales of Hermiston: seeks $774.29.

•Credits Inc. vs. Joseph A. Munkers of Irrigon: seeks $569.28.

•Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs. Greg T. Lytrob of Hermiston: seeks $1,226.95.

•Barclays Bank Delaware vs. Victor N. Calderon of Hermiston: seeks $2,080.35.

•Citibank vs. Allen J. Frost: seeks $5,642.18.

•Credits Inc. vs. Raymond and Kassie McKim of Hermiston: seeks $557.


PENDLETON — The following judgments have been rendered in Umatilla County courts (interest, court costs and fees not listed):

•Credits Inc. vs. Bobby and Taelor Key of Hermiston: judgment for $705.59.

•Credits Inc. vs. Simon and Elisa Gomez of Umatilla: judgment for $692.59.

•Credits Inc. vs. Tia Warren of Hermiston: judgment for $523.45.

•Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs. Elsa Moon of Hermiston: judgment for $2,880.85.


PENDLETON — Divorce decrees were signed in Umatilla County Courts for:

Kathleen Marie Bergman and Jess Cody Bergman of Umatilla; Lacey Lawrence of Irrigon and Jonathan R. Carr of Echo; Brian Walter Tarvin and Peggy Sue Tarvin of Hermiston.


PENDLETON — Marriage licenses have been registered in Umatilla County for:

Jarred Charles Hayda, 36, and Shari Lynn Roberts, 42, both of Hermiston.

Marco Antonio Munoz, 32, and Jessica Marie Johnston, 28, both of Umatilla.

Travis Lee Jones, 27, and Whitney Marie Hillmick, 25, both of Stanfield.

David Paul Heehn, 51, and Crystal Ann Steele, 44, both of Hermiston.

Jose De La Luz-Hernandez, 45, and Elizabeth Garcia-Castillo, 38, both of Hermiston.

Kyle Lawrence Homer, 35, and Danielle Kathleen Dickason, 31, both of Hermiston.

Steven Cole Boyd, 36, and Jaclyn Crowder, 32, both of Hermiston.

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