PENDLETON — The following sentences have been imposed in Umatilla County courts:


•Shane Verhey Springer, 32, Umatilla (TRCI), pleaded guilty to Possession of Methamphetamine: sentenced to 3 months Oregon Dept. of Corrections (DOC), 1 year post-prison supervision and $200 fine; pleaded guilty to Criminal Mischief II: sentenced to 90 days jail and $1,429.23 restitution.

•Romique Crystal Espino, 38, Hermiston, pleaded guilty to Aggravated Harassment: sentenced to 19 months Oregon DOC and 2 years post-prison supervision; pleaded guilty to Harassment: sentence to discharge.


•Esteban Lomas, 39, Irrigon, pleaded guilty to Contributing to the Sexual Delinquency of a Minor: sentenced to 180 days jail-suspended, 2 years probation, 20 hours community service, $400 fine and $600 fine-suspended, plus court costs and fees.

Suits Filed

PENDLETON — The following suits have been filed in Umatilla County courts (interest, court costs and fees not listed):

•Unifund CCR LLC vs. Rachel L. Shilhanek of Hermiston: seeks $2,294.87.

•State Accident Insurance Fund (SAIF Corporation) vs. Katrina and Edward Steinman dba Steinman Construction of Hermiston: seeks $1,647.97.

•Crown Asset Management LLC vs. Juan C. Rodriguez: seeks $10,097.

•United Finance Co. vs. Arnoldo Montes of Hermiston: seeks $4,531.42.

•United Finance Co. vs. Cristian Chavez Flores and Jose L. Chavez Gonzalez of Umatilla: seeks $5,757.82.

•United Finance Co. vs. Juan Castaneda Martinez of Hermiston: seeks $3,194.68.

•Evergreen Financial Services Inc. vs. Esmeralda Espinoza of Hermiston: seeks $347.50.

•Credits Inc. vs. Tina L. Bonilla (Peck) of Hermiston: seeks $6,667.62.

•Credits Inc. vs. Ronald and Susan Cochet of Hermiston: seeks $5,659.60.

•Credits Inc. vs. Alberto Ruiz Gomez of Hermiston: seeks $787.74.

•Credits Inc. vs. Susan Munoz Martinez and Sabas Martinez of Hermiston: seeks $1,695.59.

•Credits Inc. vs. Maria A. Sanchez of Boardman: seeks $1,071.57.

•Credits Inc. vs. Francisco and Edith Santana: seeks $747.36.

•Credits Inc. vs. Cody Dean Taylor and Kathy Lee Taylor: seeks $836.50.

•Credits Inc. vs. Adrian Ybarra of Umatilla: seeks $6,764.31.


PENDLETON — The following judgments have been rendered in Umatilla County courts (interest, court costs and fees not listed):

•LVNV Funding LLC vs. Tomara Gallagher of Hermiston: judgment for $595.24.


PENDLETON — Marriage licenses have been registered in Umatilla County for:

Kaitlin Raye Rosenthal, 21, of Richland, Wash., and Keaton Scott Wrathall, 23, of Hermiston.

Samantha Rose Weller, 17, and Elijah Michael Bruce Haight, 23, both of Irrigon.

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