• An American flag was stolen from a West Joseph Avenue residence.

• Someone stole an air compressor from a shed on S.W. Shea Drive.

• Tools were stolen from an unlocked F-150 pickup parked at Pioneer Hi-Bred Seed.

• Cold weather gloves were taken from an unlocked vehicle at Pioneer Hi-Bred Seed.

• A woman reported her apartment manager has illegally evicted her from an apartment on S.W. 13th Place.

• "Someone I thought was a friend just stole money and ran," reported a Hermiston woman.


• A resident of N.W. Eucalyptus Drive reported her son's bicycle was stolen.

• A male fell off the back end of a loading lift gate on an Eagle Freight Liner truck on Westland Road.

• A woman reported someone broke into her grandson's U-HAUL vehicle on East Gladys Avenue.

• Someone "pocket-dialed" 911.

• A man and a woman were screaming in the middle of the street.

• Hay was blocking the middle of the road on North First Street.

• "There are people using meth and there are minors," a caller reported at Lamplighter Motel in Umatilla.

• Wal-Mart reported the store has video footage of a man stealing watermelons from the store.

• Someone stole a stereo after breaking into a vehicle on West Alder Street.

• A baby was playing on the phone.


• A vehicle was weaving in the road with a beer in hand.

• A male amputee fell out of a motorized scooter on South Highway 395.

• A white GUESS purse, wallet, identification, a medical card and iPhone were taken from The Local Place in Hermiston.

• Someone cut the chain link fence between Midway Tavern and Ixtapa to get to the trailer behind Midway.

• Marion Taylor was arrested on a felony warrant in the produce aisle at Wal-Mart.

• Fraudulent activity was reported on a Hermiston woman's bank account. The East Newport Avenue resident was refunded $390 by her bank. Fraudulent charges were made with her debit card through Facebook.


• A woman reported a sex crime in Hermiston.

• Someone reported a young male was passed out in or near the roadway at N.W. Fifth Street.

• A rear driver's side window was broken out of N.W. Seventh Street resident's vehicle.

• A man was reported talking to himself on West Orchard Avenue.

• "My boyfriend took my TV," reported a West Orchard Avenue resident.

• An Irrigon woman reported her vehicle stolen from a repair shop.

• "There's these animals by our house and they try to bite us," reported a Umatilla caller.

• Both vehicle plates were stolen from a Dodge pickup at a S.E. Eighth Place residence.

• "I'm trying to get away from my wife," a man reported in Umatilla.

• A woman reported she accidentally locked her keys in her vehicle while it was running.

• A caller reported a guy walking down the middle of the Umatilla River Bridge didn't look like he had it "all together."

• A brush fire was reported behind Aspen Apartments on East Elm Avenue.

• A resident of East Gladys Avenue reported a scam call from a medical advisory group regarding senior citizens.

• A rear vehicle license plate was missing from Buick parked at the Oak Tree Inn.


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