Good Shepherd Medical Center, Hermiston

SEPT. 21, 2018

PURCELL — Norma Ayala and Jared Purcell of Boardman: a girl, Emery Millie Purcell.

SEPT. 23, 2018

MILBRODT-RENNER — Bethanie S. Milbrodt and Dominic J.G. Renner of Stanfield: a girl, Bentlie JuliaAnn Milbrodt-Renner.

SEPT. 24, 2018

GALVEZ — Sarah K. Galvez and Euclide R. Galvez of Kennewick, Wash.: a girl, Jade Isabella Galvez.

SEPT. 25, 2018

RICO GONZALEZ — Maria G. Gonzalez Marin and Jesus E. Rico Flores of Boardman: a girl, Dalila Rico Gonzalez.

SEPT. 27, 2018

LEAVITT — Heidilyn M. Leavitt and Rory D. Leavitt of Hermiston: a boy, Ruick Rhys Leavitt.

SEPT. 28, 2018

FLORES — Ashley A. Pitts and Roberto A. Flores of Hermiston: a girl, Karmin Lynn Flores.

OCT. 1, 2018

MECHAM — Christina B. Mecham and Christopher R. Holden of Umatilla: a girl, Emma Grace Mecham.

St. Anthony Hospital, Pendleton

SEPT. 18, 2018

DICKENS — Chelsea A. Calvillo and Drew A. Dickens of Hermiston: a girl, Reign Gaelynn Dickens.

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