• A Southwest 11th Street woman reported she thought there was a prowler outside her home.

• Oxford Suites employees reported graffiti inside the hotel, including in the elevator.

• A concerned citizen reported overhearing five youths discussing burning down the playground equipment at Butte Park.

• A Hermiston man reported multiple items, including a camera and phone, stolen from a locker at the Hermiston Family Aquatic Center.

• A Hermiston woman called police to report telephonic harassment. The woman believed the person making the harassing calls is her ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend.

• A female beagle was reported missing. The dog allegedly made a break for it wearing a collar and “duct-tape around her midsection.”

• A West Ridgeway Avenue man reported someone sprayed lighter fluid on him while he was asleep at his home.

• A West Sunland Avenue man received a scam email purporting to be from the FBI.


• An anonymous caller advised a man and a woman, who apparently have restraining orders against each other, were both occupying a room at a local hotel.

• Police received a report of a man taking a bath at the drinking fountain in Victory Square Park.

• An anonymous caller reported, while waiting in line at the McDonald's drive-thru, he noticed a woman in the back of the pickup in front of him, wrapped in a “heavy winter blanket.” The man thought this was suspicious at noon in August.

• A Hermiston woman called police in the hopes officers could force her 17-year-old son to mind her.

• A concerned woman reported an approximately 1-year-old child walking “down the middle of Northwest Seventh Street. She waited with the child near a water fountain at Butte Park, where the mother came to claim the child.

• Gregory Allen White, 26, was arrested on a US Marshal's Warrant after police received an anonymous tip White was playing the video poker machines at Shari's.

• A Southwest 11th Street woman reported $1,695 taken out of her bank account. She believed her debit car information had been compromised.

• Possible drug activity was reported near Bowden Lane and Highway 395.


• An East Highland Avenue resident reported the windows shot out of her house.

• A possible fight was reported near Hermiston High School.

• Fiesta Foods employees reported taking a shoplifter into custody.

• A Hermiston resident reported a man driving a white Chevrolet pickup threw a full beer can at his motorhome.

• A man dropped off a piece of a bathroom door from McKenzie Park at the Hermiston Police Station.

• Police received a report from a youth that he had been assaulted. The juvenile reported “they hit me (in the face) because I looked in their window as I was walking by.” The alleged assailant is 11 years-old.



Johnny Rafeal Valencia, 28, 435 W. Ridgeway Ave., Hermiston: Burglary I, menacing.

Rhyan James Baney, 23, 105 S. Main St., Hermiston: Criminal trespass II.

Gregory Allen White, 26, 32392 W. Columbia Lane, Hermiston: U.S. Marshal's warrant.

Tiffany Corrine Schiefelbein, 21, 1182 N.W. Sjoren Lane, Hermiston: Failure to appear warrant.


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