• A West Linda Avenue woman reported someone put fresh paint on two vehicles. She wanted officers to examine the vehicles before the paint dried so she could wash the car.

• A Hermiston woman reported spotting two youths engaged in the act of graffiti, spraying blue paint over red paint on a fence along West Orchard Avenue. 

• Minutes later, another Hermiston resident reported kids spraying blue graffiti on the Desert Lane bowling alley.

• Shortly after that, graffiti was reported at 11th Street Market. In all, police received eight separate graffiti reports Monday morning. Police tied the incidents to two teens who were taken into custody.

• A Northwest 11th  Street resident reported two necklaces, with an estimated value of $5,500,  taken during a break-in.

• An East Jennie Avenue resident reported 15 rose bushes stolen out of his yard.

• A Hermiston man contacted police to ask how to get a trespass order for his brother and girlfriend.

• A Gun Club Lane woman called Hermiston Police to report her 35-year-old son missing somewhere in Washington. The woman reportedly wanted HPD to take the report because it would be quicker than calling the correct agency in Washington. HPD referred the woman to the other agency anyway.

• A Hermiston man reported his brother pushed their mom through a window.


• A Sunshine Court Apartments resident reported two men and a woman looking into vehicles.

• An East Gladys Avenue woman reported, “just heard what sounded like a car window braking and then saw two subjects running toward Main Street.”

• A Hermiston woman reported her boyfriend just stole her cell phone.

• A Sunland Apartments woman reported her car was broken into, and someone stole her car stereo.

• A Hitchhiker on Interstate 84 wanted the number for the Oregon State Police. The man reportedly wanted to complain that nobody was stopping to pick him up.

• An East Gladys Avenue woman called police to report her ex-husband would not leave her alone, allegedly throwing himself down behind the woman's car so she could not go to work.

• A Northeast 10th Street youth called police to report someone borrowed his Slip 'n Slide and did not want to return it. The youth called back to report yet another kid threatened to break his bike.


• A West Sunland Avenue woman reported someone broke into her house while she was sleeping.

• A Stanfield man reported he had been robbed.

• A Hermiston woman reported someone broke into her car and stole WIC vouchers.

• A West Ridgeway Avenue woman reported her wallet stolen, and said someone is using her debit card at a local hotel.

• Seth Ryan Charette, 27, was arrested for shoplifting at Fiesta Foods.

• A Hermiston man reported possible drug related activity near his home.

• A Hermiston woman contacted police about “something that keeps popping up on her email.”

• Walmart employees called police to report a customer attempting to return items wasn't “taking no for an answer.”

• Milton Gaylord Casper, 81, was arrested for trespassing after employees at a local assisted living center caught Casper attempting to take food from the cafeteria multiple times. Casper was charged with criminal trespass II, then dropped off at his home.



Seth Ryan Charette, 27, transient, Hermiston: Theft III.

Milton Gaylord Casper, 81, 60 N.E. Alora Dr., Hermiston: Criminal trespass II.

Jon Alvin Sanders, 49, 32627 E. Punkin Center Rd., Hermiston: Two Umatilla County Sheriff's Office probation violation warrants, UCSO failure to appear warrant.

Jason Michael Francisco Garza, 21, 74655 Gravel Pit Ln., Irrigon: Failure to appear.

Rodrigo Amezcua Lucas, 35, 1245 W. Madrona Ave., Hermiston: Driving while suspended.

Kristina Olivas, 1675 N.W. 11th St., Hermiston: Harassment, disorderly conduct II.


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