A big shout out to all the people and organizations who united to put together a few Veterans Day events across the local area.

From the annual breakfast at the Hermiston Community Center to a parade organized by the Echo School District, the local area came out in force to ensure the men and women who served our great nation were recognized.

Now with Thanksgiving just around the corner, the effort to mark Veterans Day may dwindle in the collective consciousness of area residents, but it should not, and the combined effort by so many to find an appropriate way to celebrate their service should be remembered.

The annual breakfast at the Hermiston Community Center is a good case in point in terms of community unification to celebrate those who have served our great nation.

Veterans, the Hermiston Parks and Recreation Department along with sponsors such as Hale’s Restaurant, the Pheasant Blue Collar Bar & Grill and Vern’s Food Service all merged to create a great event.

In Pendleton, high school students lined the fields outside the school with American flags Nov. 10 in another sign that the community understands the significance of the day to honor our veterans.

The effort of so many people and organizations to show appreciation is gratifying and shows that far from being forgotten our regional veterans are thought of with honor.

Someday, perhaps, there will be no war, no need for young men and women to serve their nation. Until then, though, we all owe those who made a sacrifice to protect our nation the highest level of praise. Veterans remain a vital part of our overall community and we are grateful for their service.

Our local community showed its true colors before and on Veterans Day, and we are honored to have so many who care so much for those who served.

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