Ron Wyden

Sen. Ron Wyden, center, waves to students at the Families First Child Care Center during a tour Aug. 31, 2021, of the Neal Early Learning Center in Boardman.

At least recently good news can seem hard to find but for those looking for a story that showcases what community and business can do tighter one needs to look no further than the Families First Child Care Center in Boardman.

Last month, U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden visited the center and was suitably impressed. So are we and so should area residents.

The center serves 53 children between the ages of six weeks and 12 and provides a viable outlet for parents who must work.

The center is more than a daycare and provides educational opportunities for youth.

The program succeeds on a limited budget, but it also is a triumph because it secured the support of some key, local businesses. The Port of Morrow, Boardman Foods and Threemile Canyon Farms are key supporters of the child care center.

Businesses provided financial support while the Port of Morrow created a place for the program at its new facility.

Wyden vowed to bring the Families First Child Care Center concept to the attention of other lawmakers in Washington, D.C. We hope he does.

That’s because this program is clearly a success and represents the best example of private businesses and concerned residents uniting in a common goal to help youth.

Sometimes such a venture doesn’t work, or it is only partially successful. Not this program. The primary reason, we believe, is the dedication of the business owners who saw a need and decided to step up and make it successful.

The program is also a great example of local people solving a local problem. Often it can seem easier to let state of federal agencies take on a particular hometown challenge but that isn’t always a good idea either.

Finding child care for workers and other parents isn’t just an area problem, either. It is a nationwide challenge that grows worse by the year. The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t helped either.

We do hope that Wyden can highlight this wonderful program so that other states in the nation can reviews it and create a similar agenda.

All that were involved in this program deserve a thanks from the community.

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