Notice to hundreds of people, your jobs are gone. Headline: “Processing plant closures on the rise.” Little warning — two days? Tight cattle supply.

Headline: “BLM forecasting million dollar tax supporting more wild horses in storage than are out in the “wild.” Plans for horse slaughter plant delayed another year — losses in financing — more studies and permits required (they gave up trying).

Am I the only one who sees the obvious solutions to both of these problems?

It can’t be that hard to train workers in already-built and running plants to switch to horses from cattle. It can’t be that hard to find buyers for canned, frozen or freeze-dried and produced-in-the-USA pet food, fine leather, or organic plant food.

It evidently is easy to ignore the higher profits per pound sending horse meat to overseas proper. But please, it has to be done.

It evidently is easy to ignore having no legal, easy, sensible way to proactively cull physically, mentally or purely excess animals that people expect, if not to eat, to trust their safety and lives to for work and pleasure.

Evidently it is hard to face emotion-driven arguments from unrealistic, uninformed animal-lovers.

Jackie Kalberer


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