I came from Massachusetts in 1980 to work in the power plant in Boardman and was told by my union steward that if I ever get hurt make sure that I am not sent to Good Shepherd Hospital but to St. Anthony’s in Pendleton.

But in 2002, I was in an auto accident and was in a coma. I was first taken to Good Shepherd, stabilized and sent to Oregon Health & Science University. When I woke up at OHSU, I was told that I was lucky that I was taken at first to Good Shepherd because at Good Shepherd my heart stopped twice and they revived me. That changed my mind about Good Shepherd.

Since then I have had three surgeries at Good Shepherd. I had a shoulder and knee replacement. I also had surgery on my hand, all done by Jeremy Anderson. What a great doctor. I could not be happier with my treatment.

I have been to big and small hospitals on the East and West coasts. Good Shepherd rates as one of the best. Good Shepherd has turned the corner from the ’80s and ’90s. In fact, Good Shepherd Medical Center has been receiving a lot of awards over the last few years.

The staff at Good Shepherd is also improving each year. I had to go to physical therapy after my surgeries and Rick Burrill and Moses Munar are the best. I also have to say that the food at the hospital is great. People come there just to eat.

There is also a great service called the Care Van that provides transportation to and from the hospital and they have such good and caring people who are mostly volunteers.

As you read my letter, I hope that people can see what a great hospital Good Shepherd has become. To take the fear out of people going to Good Shepherd. All hospitals have issues, but the management there is working hard to make Good Shepherd a high standard, caring and trusted hospital.

Jack McWhinnie


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