I have a pile of letters and correspondence from the Treasury Department.

The one thing these letters have in common are the lies I’ve been told, which are repeated over the phone.

In about the first week of October the Treasury Department told me over the phone that I owed $289.30 and would be garnished for 25 percent of my net pay of $1,107. That would be $276.75.

On Oct. 17 the agent/cashier at the Walla Walla VA hospital told me that my total top amount due to cross-servicing was $190.14, and my debt to the hospital was $77.46 at the time.

On Oct. 19, 2017 the cross servicing office told me over the phone that I owed $243.39, and I wouldn’t be garnished in November, but Dec. 1 for the above amount. Then I was garnished on Nov. 1, 2017 for $193.62.

Now I received a letter saying I’ll be garnished again on Dec. 1.

The other thing your letters never tell me is what I actually owe the U.S. Treasury, or how much I’m going to be garnished. You’re kind of like dealing with the mafia. I’m starting to wonder if any treasury employees have a soul.

Why do your letters say, “How can I stop this collection action?” then offer me no options at all. Do you know I’ve canceled some of my VA prescriptions to keep my bill down? I’m making an appointment to see a Congresswoman’s aid.

The Veterans Administration is mismanaged, and the whole VA is broken. To garnish a veteran is the most disrespectful, degrading thing you could ever do. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Some of us are low income, and have trouble paying our bills. Please take half of my pay if necessary but please stop garnishing me.

I’m looking into dropping out of the VA for my medical care.

I had 89 days sober until Nov. 4, but sitting in my chair crying and talking to the crisis phone line took care of my sobriety date.

Larry W. Shoemake


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