On Thursday evening, Aug. 29, members and guests of the Hermiston Rotary Club met at the SAGE Center at the Port of Morrow in Boardman for a “5th Thursday” social event. We were hosted by Kalie Davis, manager, along with employees Atrayu Corpus and Andrea Orcutt, and our meal was catered by our regular caterer, Brian and June Lavoie of Sweet Redemption Catering.

I had heard many good reports about the SAGE Center, so I had high expectations going in, but I must say the SAGE Center exceeded my expectations. Kalie and her staff were very helpful in scheduling the event that was held after normal hours, and the exhibits were very informative, engaging and helpful to see. They gave me a much better understanding of the wide array of resources available in Morrow County and, at a larger level, to the entire Columbia Basin region.

During the 90 minutes of my self-guided tour, I was able to take a hot air balloon ride over Morrow County, watch the transformation of potatoes to curly French fries and gain a greater appreciation of how valuable water is to our beautiful region. I have only highlighted a few of the exhibits in this letter, but there are many more, and I look forward to making a return visit to the SAGE Center when I have more time to enjoy the exhibits.

As our group left the SAGE Center, I heard comments from many about how much they, too, had enjoyed the evening. For those who have not yet toured the facility, I encourage you to do so.

The SAGE Center is a great addition to the Port of Morrow and to the Columbia Basin Region and is a “must see” for residents and visitors to the area.

On behalf of the Hermiston Rotary Club, many thanks are extended to Kalie, Atrayu and Andrea for being fantastic hosts, and to Gary Neal and the Port of Morrow for having the vision to bring the SAGE Center to the region.

Steve Williams, president

Hermiston Rotary Club

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