This county election is an easy choice.

This election is an easy decision for my family. Rick Pullen is one of us. Rick is not a candidate who will sit back and coast like his competitor. This man truly loves Umatilla County, not just a select group or city whom he can benefit from. You can see this example as you drive around the county. He is out meeting with all constituents and hanging his own signs. Working closely with Rick Pullen on past projects, I can tell you that this candidate will not shy away from hard issues and will vote for the people of Umatilla County. He gives his all and is not afraid to challenge the status quo.

Umatilla County as a whole has coasted for far too long with our current elected officials. Results have been few. A perfect example showing lack of effort is with our current County Health Department. Please tell me Commissioner Murdock, why this county cannot keep a director under your supervision, cycling through three within the last five years? Aside from budget, why have we lost programs due to staffing under your supervision? Please explain to me why we cannot provide much needed services to the Hermiston community and keep the Hermiston Health Department office open full time under your supervision? It starts at the top with you sir. Stop with the band aids and fix the issue. Rick Pullen is the change that we need to move Umatilla County forward. Rick is the person who will listen to the “everyday person” and strive to fix issues, not just replace band-aids! I encourage Umatilla County residents to join me and vote for Rick Pullen, Umatilla County Commissioner.

Tom & Teri Phelan


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