I’ve heard that one of the judicial candidates for Umatilla and Morrow Counties has suggested that he is better qualified to be judge because of the large number of court appearances he’s made in the last year or so. I wouldn’t attribute any level of competence to just coming to court over and over again.

I’ve been practicing law in Eastern Oregon for 18 years now. Coming to court repeatedly can mean that you haven’t done the job right, you aren’t prepared, or you weren’t thorough in investigating your client’s circumstances. Appearing repeatedly on the same case certainly increases your “appearance” count, but the only thing it really suggests is that the client is incurring a lot of attorney fees.

Quantity of appearances is no indication of quality of representation or of knowledge. Would you go back to the same doctor or mechanic or plumber if you never got well, or your car or plumbing continued to fail? Or perhaps a large number of appearances simply indicates that a lawyer has a steep learning curve, something I have personally observed in a few cases. It sure doesn’t bode well for a client that a lawyer needs so many hearings to get the job done.

Do not be influenced by such silly, meaningless statistics. True professionalism isn’t measured by how many times you charge your client for appearing in court.

Rob Collins is superbly qualified to be your next circuit court judge. He is a lawyer’s lawyer, recognized and respected by colleagues who hire him for their own personal cases. Join me in voting for Rob Collins for Circuit Court Judge.

Kittee Custer


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