What a humbling experience the past two decades have been for my family and myself. As my participation on the Umatilla County Fair Board came to an end, the ability to say thank you to the whole of Umatilla County is lost in the magnitude of emotions. Development of unmatched success recognized throughout the state and region, the Umatilla County Fair and Farm-City Pro Rodeo are living and evolving monuments to the generosity of community and heart.

Sponsors in every corner of the county have stepped up and delivered not only finances, but time and material with pride. Donors have come through annually and never hesitate to find a way to fulfill last minute requests.

Volunteers. Volunteers from throughout Umatilla County contribute and produce the Umatilla County Fair from January 1 through December 31, from setting up pens to picking up trash, from mowing lawns to setting up the stage, from organizing RVs, from hauling straw/chips to cleaning tables, from arranging entertainment to coordinating with the Farm-City Pro Rodeo. UCF is one of the largest five-day fairs in the Pacific NW. It is not a professionally produced event, it is managed by the Umatilla County Fair Board with administrative support of the Umatilla County Commissioners (liaison, Larry Givens) and staff. This is a unique and extremely successful relationship that allows the Umatilla County Fair Board to offer a product to our community above the expectations of communities of much larger populations and financially stronger. It is the volunteers.

What a humbling experience.

Thank you to the Umatilla County community, Umatilla County Fair Board and the Umatilla County Commissioners for letting my family and myself participate.

Dan Dorran


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