I attended the candidates’ forum last week. I listened to all the candidates for county commissioners and especially for the new people running for the Hermiston City Council. Two guys impressed me. Kyran Miller was one of them, running for Ward 3.

Kyran Miller told it like it is. The city should build its tax base, not raise our taxes. He was right that economic growth can build up the tax base to meet the city needs, without new taxes.

We are all taxed enough. He said he is willing to listen to the people and vote for their concerns. He even volunteered to put up a tent in his front yard to meet with voters if he is elected to be available to the voters. He will set up an email address and a phone number for the voters so that he can stay in touch and let the public know of issues affecting their lives. He wants more openness to the public. He wants the city to be accountable. His 50 years of business experience could help the city council. He was so positive about Hermiston, its people and its future. It was like a breath of fresh air. Change is happening. It’s time change happens in the Hermiston City Council.

Kyran Miller volunteers Tuesdays at the Agape House, on Friday mornings he is at the Catholic Church’s soup kitchen serving in our community, and on Saturdays he is at Two Rivers Correctional facility with a Bible study group. He serves our community through the Lions Club and other organizations. He is a man to know. I believe that Kyran Miller should be elected to the Hermiston City Council. Vote for Kyran Miller. Make a change for the better.

Jack McWhinnie


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