Drotzmann a ‘doer’

As the mayoral election approaches in Hermiston, I would like to recommend that you strongly consider and vote for Dave Drotzmann. Dave is the very type of person we need at City Hall to help lead the city. He clearly has the abilities of leadership and good judgment, and his experience in community activities has demonstrated his willingness to serve.

Aside from running a prosperous business, he has served students, parents and staff of the Hermiston School District for eight years. In addition, he has been a member of Rotary and the Chamber of Commerce, the president of the Hermiston High School Sports Booster Club, and he coaches several youth sports teams.

Aside from all of his community service, what I like most about Dave are his thoughts about moving our city forward in the future. I like the way he talks about making progress and about a successful city. Most notable are his ideas about economic development and jobs, embracing cultural diversity and maintaining a financially strong and responsible city budget. He has also talked about securing the best police force we can afford. In addition, he has ideas about making progress with our aging infrastructure, water and sewer issues and traffic needs.

Dave is a “doer” and not just a talker, and I like his ideas for Hermiston. He is the right man at the right time. If you want someone who will listen and someone who will work with you and represent your needs, I urge you to vote for Dave Drotzmann.

Jer Pratton • Hermiston





Drotzmann has shown leadership

Becoming mayor of a city is no small task. It takes someone with great leadership skills and a wealth of experience and a great deal of caring for and understanding a community. Dave Drotzmann is such a person.

I have known Dave Drotzmann for the past 13 years and have watched him excel in many ways. He has been a successful businessman, increasing staff and building. As a Rotarian, he was selected as “Rotarian of the Year.”

A school board member is always faced with many issues which require much thought, analysis and understanding. Again Dave demonstrated his leadership skills as board chairman and was on the board for eight years. During this time a lot of decisions were being made: new schools, transportation problems, enrollment increases, recession, economic slump (you name it). Dave and other school board members were all faced with these issues (what an experience). He works well with other people, is a good listener, observer and if elected wants to get our citizens more involved.

Dave has special strengths in financing, budgeting, delegating, and organizing to name a few. He is very active in the Booster Club helping to save the taxpayer over $600,000 through their fundraising efforts. He loves our youth and is the father of two teenagers. This community is very important to Dave.

Join me in supporting Dave Drotzmann for mayor.






Drotzmann reasonable man

More than a dozen years ago, I met Dave Drotzmann. He was a young new optometric physician who had moved with his family to Hermiston. The initial circumstances of our meeting were that he was buying the house next door to ours. You can learn a lot about people by being next-door neighbors and observing how they live.

The fence between our houses was somewhat old and a bit shabby so we worked together to replace it. Dave added a deck onto the back of his house. He provided a kennel for his dog, and he and his wife, Kem, worked conscientiously on their yard, shrubbery and flower beds. They washed their vehicles, maintained their property, worked hard, took family vacations, minded their own business and raised two great kids.

Dave and I were in Rotary together. He was a member of the Hermiston High School Boosters Club. He was involved with the Chamber of Commerce. He was elected to the Hermiston School Board.

Sometimes in the evening, we would go on walks together and talk. He knew I was on the Board of Trustees of Blue Mountain Community College and while he was on the Hermiston School Board, we would talk about education. We talked about the Port of Umatilla, the regional business climate, Main Street, Wall Street, providing for ones family, trying to figure out what would be best for public schools, the local community, and the trends and challenges of society in general.

Occasionally we went out to dinner together as families. He took some of my kids boating a few times. When my sons and daughters went to college, got married, or went on missions he was supportive and interested. He was a great neighbor and I was sad to have their family move when they built their current home.

Since that time we have still gone on our occasional walks. We have worked together on various aspects of the new bonding campaign and construction that resulted in three new schools. We have bounced ideas around about the Hermiston Higher Education Center, the Eastern Oregon Trade and Event Center, Hermiston City government and other projects that are still somewhere out there in the future.

I’m excited that Dave has made himself available to try to be elected as the next mayor of Hermiston. He is a reasonable guy who works hard and does his best. After all is said and done I think he would do a good job as mayor. I also think that if you had the same experiences with Dave that I have had, you would probably come to similar conclusions. Please join me in voting for Dave Drotzmann for Mayor of Hermiston.

Kim B. Puzey • Hermiston

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