The editorial in the East Oregonian on Tuesday, Oct. 9 regarding Measure 79 was very disturbing.

I believe as a real estate organization we have an obligation to educate the public and especially our clients, and future clients about the possibility of a transfer tax (sales tax) and the ramification it would have on the sale, or transfer of their property.

The threat we face:

Oregon currently faces a $2.5 billion budget deficit. Local governments across the state are dealing with severe budget shortfalls as well. Oregon homeowners are a tempting target for taxes on the sale and transfer of real estate. There have been several attempts to authorize such a tax during the past two legislative sessions. Amending our state Constitution is the only way to protect Oregon homeowners from this unfair double tax.

A real estate transfer tax hurts Oregon’s economy:

Oregon’s housing market is struggling. A real estate transfer tax (sales tax) will make it harder and more expensive for sellers to sell and buyers to buy. A home is often a family’s most important asset and a real estate transfer tax (sales tax) places a burden on families that may have to sell due to loss of job, transfer, or pay cut.

I truly believe in our area as an affordable, progressive area to live. I would hate to see one more tac assessed on our properties. Our area has survived the real estate crunch that others in our state have suffered through so let’s keep our area affordable and growing.

Let’s stand up for what we believe. No more tax … vote yes on Measure 79.

Patsy Keimig • Hermiston

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