I recently overheard a couple of older men discussing problems employers were having to fill employment openings. One guy was adamant that the unemployed were all a bunch of "slackers." He claimed they were choosing not to work because they were "on the dole" of the government.

After several minutes of chastising these "slackers," the less talkative of the two asked the other if he had been vaccinated. His answer was, he was choosing not to be vaccinated and he didn't want to talk about it. What a hypocrite.

Merriam-Webster defines a slacker as one who shirks work or obligation.

I believe a case could be made that working and getting vaccinations are obligations of being part of our society. I further believe the case for getting vaccinated might be a higher calling than working. Not getting vaccinated could result in that person exposing a person with a compromised health condition, resulting in their death. We have seen too much of this in Umatilla County already.

The case can also be made that the non-vaccinated individual is knowingly or unknowingly depending on society to protect them through "herd immunity." Welfare by another name. Choosing not to "work" could result in you being called a "slacker."

Carlisle Harrison


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Blessed Liberty

Spot on my friend! We must vote those out of office who are in office, i.e., Umatilla County Commissioners, Mayors, Regional Representatives, who voice the opinion that reinstating mask mandates won’t help, and refuse to support doing so. In addition they spew nonsense that getting vaccinated is not the key element required by all of us to stop the spread of a deadly disease. It is true some noisy and colorful people will never take the pandemic seriously, and will insult those who have suffered during the pandemic with job losses, and lost family members, accusing them of being worthless, or somehow responsible for people not rushing back to low wage jobs. But the majority of us are on the side of science and not Tom Foolery, and we want everyone masked up, vaccinated, and not working if you haven’t been vaccinated! Can’t enforce the mask mandate! That’s a joke, right? Because we live in an area where the prison system rules. I think it must be possible to enforce the law, or our area would stand for something else rather than Law Enforcement!

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