This letter is my take on our free press, President Trump and associates.

President Trump has had six months to prove himself worthy of the high office he holds. As commander in-chief, he has handed off the leadership to the military generals, given them carte blanche to do as they will. This is one of many missteps that have gone on.

These six months have been the most chaotic in recorded history. The chaos made worse by the daily tweets attacking people unjustly, many members of our free press, CNN MSNBC, NBC, CBS and many others have been viciously attacked. He seems to have a bias against women, particularly journalists. He cannot seem to allow any criticism of himself or his administration, event though it is factual.

This is speaking truth to power, an essential process that keeps our democracy alive and well. I have found reporters to be truthful in their stories and articles. They have to verify with two sources.

I followed the fact checking of almost 450 statements made by President Trump to be untruthful. Apparently this is his mode conduct in business, TV shows and now the presidency. Trust is so important in this high office. We the people depend on our elected officials to be dependable, truthful and transparent.

He has appointed a commission to request voter information ­— names, addresses, birth dates, last four digits of social security numbers, what party he or she belongs to and how he or she cast their vote. Oregon’s secretary of state, Dennis Richardson, is complying with some of these requests. Many states are protecting their citizens by denying, as they should, any and all possible illegal given information.

I, for one, am incensed at these requests as inappropriate. Under the guise of checking for voter fraud these requests are happening now. We have not had any voter fraud. This is wrong and I question the motives behind the requests. We are all at risk when this kind of personal information is revealed. I ask for what purpose, really?

Jan Beitel


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