On behalf of all of us at Threemile Canyon Farms, we’d like to offer our sincere gratitude to the Oregon State Legislature for passing Senate Concurrent Resolution 16, commemorating the life of Marty Myers, our founder and leader.

It is fitting that legislators from both sides of the aisle came together to pass this resolution. That’s the way Marty lived his life — rejecting divisive labels and always looking to build bridges.

Marty knew that Threemile Canyon Farms could serve as an example of where rural and urban interests could meet to address issues facing Oregonians, from food insecurity to expanding renewable energy to growing Oregon economic opportunities. Under his leadership, Threemile grew to become an award-winning sustainable operation, employing more than 400 team members, expanding the economy in Eastern Oregon and giving back to the community.

We want to thank our local legislators — Sen. Bill Hansell and Rep. Bobby Levy — who took the time to speak about the contributions Marty made to the state as well as the great loss the community will face in his absence. In Rep. Levy’s words, he was an “irreplaceable member of the community.” But Marty will live on not only because of the public recognition bestowed by the Legislature, but also because of the work we do every day on the farm.

At Threemile, we innovate, treat our animals humanely, drive for a cleaner, healthier environment for this generation and the next, and care for our team and community. This vision — Marty’s vision — for what a farm can do for the state will continue to be our guiding light.

We are grateful to the Oregon Legislature for recognizing this extraordinary person, and promise to live up to his standards every day.

Greg Harris

director of farming and agronomy

Dr. Jeff Wendler

director of dairy operations

Threemile Canyon Farms

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