This is a very important election, which may affect the well-being of our country for many years. With Trump we achieved an economy with employment and prosperity at greater heights than previously in our industry. Even during the pandemic, we are on track for possibly an even greater economy. Trump lowered our taxes; Biden said he would do away with the tax cuts if he were elected.

Trump brought back manufacturing jobs that were lost during the policies of previous years. He rebuilt our military forces and restored America's dominance in trade and foreign affairs. He has been a champion of law and order when Democratic governors were allowing our cities to burn, mobs to tyrannize the inhabitants, and the power of the police to be curtailed; Portland in our own state has been one of the worst examples of this situation.

Trump removed many regulations, which were detrimental to business and restrictive to progress. If the Democrats were elected and enacted the so-called "Green New Deal," we would possibly encounter the worst living conditions the United States has experienced since the Great Depression.

For these and numerous other reasons, in my opinion Trump is clearly the best choice for our country.

Ron Ingle


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