Tumult and shouting has subsided, and now the governance of the city goes on. Your efforts to undermine City Administration are set more to establish your own expertise rather than to make constructive suggestions to the city people.

Your approach to municipal budgeting and prosecution holds little understanding of either. Local budget law provides flexibility to meet unexpected pitfalls. Prosecution is a continuing triage of what gets attention. An old DA once said, “Everyone breaks the law, we just haven’t caught them all yet.” When HPD gets a bumper crop, city can handle.

You may have noticed that Ed Brookshier is a “law and order” person and with the use of some common sense, he and City Attorney (Gary) Luisi wil do just fine. Incidentally, where did you get the figure of “20, 30 and 40 times?” I would like you to objectify that.

You have continuing criticism of the swimming pool, its establishment and operation. Firstly, you speak of the swimming pool being voted down twice. Wrong on the facts.

The first such election was a favorable vote in favor of the swimming pool; however, there were not sufficient folks to qualify the election.

The second vote was a referral to set up a special district. Not whether or not there would be a swimming program.

Several hearings were held  — well attended — with strong interest mainly on how to do it rather than whether or not. City was the “default” and responsible for much of the planning for construction, staffing and budgeting through a special consulting firm. Many uncertainties for the city to undertake with the new venture, which was certainly by popular demand.

You have plenty of archives at your disposal to call on institutional memory of these projects, which leaves little excuse for this kind of misinterpretation.

As to the Trade and Event project, over the years many efforts have been made to move the fair and rodeo out of town. Even now, $2 million seems like a good price if it never accomplishes more.

This project, like many that will face a new council, will depend heavily upon the advice of Ed Brookshier. I do not see the logic of your continued undermining of Ed and sniping at the City Administration.


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