To the editor:

I have been working in education for 20 years. Many things have changed throughout the years, but there is one aspect to education that hasn’t. Great communities have great schools.

I had the privilege to move into Stanfield last year. The community is close, cares about each other, and rallies behind its patrons and kids. I have been a part of a few communities, but none that have represented that small, hometown feel like that of Stanfield.

We have students that make their education a priority, strive to achieve, involve themselves in extracurricular activities, and are successful in their educational pursuits. With students so eager to learn and achieve, I feel that they deserve a facility that enhances and encourages that learning far more than our current structure.

Although our maintenance staff is incredible, they are working countless hours behind the scenes to make old, inefficient mechanical systems functional. The Secondary School does not have adequate heating and cooling systems. The gymnasium and lockers rooms have been so hot that we had to shut them down for fall practices. The classrooms have no windows to let natural light in. Our middle school consists of portables that are very old, worn out, and expensive to operate due to their inefficiencies.

Quality facilities allow our community and our kids to have something to be proud of. It is time to make our Secondary School facility one of the best around. The only way to do this is to pass this bond to fund it. With the state granting us the $4 million in matching funds, we have a wonderful opportunity to move our schools forward. Our kids and our community deserve it.

Too often communities settle for “just good enough”. I don’t see Stanfield as this type of community. We are a great community. Time to have a great school. Please vote yes for our schools.


Travis Reeser

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